Donald gets Quack Pack past Mouseketeers in Semifinals

Donald gets Quack Pack past Mouseketeers in Semifinals

Donald Duck threw for a postseason record 429 yards and three touchdowns, as the Quack Pack ended the defending champions chance of a repeat winning 48-20 over the Mouseketeers.


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Watching film of their only previous meeting with the Mouseketeers, an opening night matchup that would showcase the leadership of Mickey Mouse and elusive Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, the Disney Ducks did not scatter or play dead.

The Quack Pack got mad and took it out on the defending champions, ending any talk of a back-to-back for the Mouseketeers.

Donald Duck and nephew Louie Duck had record-setting games, Disney Ducks defense scored two touchdowns while holding the Mouseketeers offense without one, and the Quack Pack soared over the Mouseketeers with a 48 to 20 victory in the Semifinals.

“Coming out here and beating Mickey and the Mouseketeers, especially in the semifinals, it’s just a great feeling,” Donald said. “It motivated us. They say happiness is the richest thing we will ever own. It’s just a great feeling.”

The Quack Pack (11-3) made plenty of team adjustments after their inability to get past the Rescue Rangers in last year’s semifinal with the releasing of several big names; including Grand Mogul with his busy Junior Woodchuck schedule, and Drake Mallard for his ongoing issues with Steerminator .

The Quack Pack avoided any setback behind Donald, Louie, and a dominating defense.

Showing he’s emerged from the shadow of Mickey Mouse, Donald threw for a postseason-record 429 yards — breaking his friendly rivals record of 417 set in the first round of last year’s playoffs — and three touchdowns on 34-of-49 passing.

Louie, one of Donald Ducks’ three nephews on the team, set a franchise record with 13 catches for 170 yards receiving, and scored the go-ahead touchdown midway through the fourth quarter.

Webby Vanderquack and Dewey Duck each returned interceptions for scores and the defense made the Mouseketeers scrap for everything it got, giving the Quack Pack their first trip to the Walt Disney Bowl.

“We have been through a whole lot, but as long as you can talk, you can talk your way out of anything,” Louie said with a grin.

The Mouseketeers (8-6), despite the final score, didn’t embarrass itself in the second half of the season that included a six-game winning streak.

The Mouseketeers steadied themselves after an initial barrage from Quack Pack and avoided a complete Disney disaster behind hard-nosed running by Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and a handful of big plays.

Oswald, who set the record for most rushing yards in a season last year, only to see it broke by Arizona Goof this season, had 121 yards on 32 carries and Jacques returned a kickoff 95 yards for a touchdown, helping the Mouseketeers provide at least a glimmer of hope for the Mickey Mouse Club and Mouseketeer fans that showed up to the game.

“We didn’t win the game, but there’s nothing negative that comes from this,” the star of Disney’s first animations said. “To be here and to compete the way these kids competed, that says it all.”

The Quack Pack had been down this road only once before.

The first game in the history of the Mickey Mouse Athletics football league was played between Mickey’s Mouseketeers and Donald’s Quack Pack. In what was advertised as the event that would have Walt Disney rise from his ashes, the Mouseketeers silenced the Disney Ducks leading 30 to 0 at one point.

The rivalry didn’t live up to the history of Brady versus Manning, but the tides and utilidors of both teams have changed since.

The Mouseketeers needed to win their final five games to qualify for the playoffs, as the Quack Pack tied for the most wins ever in the regular season.

But despite the hype of the Quack Pack offense, the Disney Ducks switched every factor from their first meeting: hotels at Disneyland, practice sites, and ADRs.

In the end, it worked as the Quack Pack is set to meet the Aviators; who throttled Arizona Goof and the Troops in the first semifinal.

The Disney Ducks followed a business-like week with a similar approach in the game, jumping out to a 14-0 lead and withstanding a few mid-game mistakes to pull away for its first Walt Disney Bowl berth in franchise history.

Losing was new to the Mouseketeers.

A football program built around arguably the best Disney duo in animation history. Living up to expectations, the Mouseketeers went 12-3 last year and won Walt Disney Bowl I.

But everything about this season was bigger, from the free Disney transportation to the national spotlight in the middle of Walt Disney World Resort.

More than that, though, the Mouseketeers had to worry about the Quack Pack’s hurry up offense.

“You could spend years trying to capture Donald, and we came close, but each time he’s narrowly evaded my grasp!” Basil of Baker Street said.

They couldn’t.

With the 2016 most valuable player calling plays, the Quack Pack hit the Mouseketeers with a Tapped Out round of punches in its opening drive for an 8-yard touchdown from Donald to Gus Goose.

Next drive: Webby, boom, Launchpad, boom, Vanderquack, boom, McQuack, scores on a he’s-bottled-up, no-he-isn’t 3-yard TD run.

“The tempo – it was fast – we just couldn’t make any plays,” Coach Nathaniel said.

Then, finally, the Mouseketeers got something right. Donald, after completing his first 12 passes, led a nephew Dewey Duck too much and linebacker Detective Casey picked it off, rumbling and tumbling 46 yards for a touchdown.

The Mouseketeers had life.

Their offense got a spark after that behind Mickey Mouse and the defense held the Quack Pack to a pair of field goals by Fethry Duck, leaving them at a 20-10 halftime deficit.

The Disney Ducks looked ready to run away with it to start the third, getting a 59-yard touchdown pass from Donald to nephew Louie (seven catches, 154 yards) and Dewey’s 32-yard interception returned for a TD after the ball deflected off receiver Morty Fieldmouse’s gloved hands.

Trailing 34-10, the Mouseketeers still would not go away.

Jaq returned the ensuing kickoff 95 yards for a touchdown, Shamrock Bones hit his second field goal from 38 yards and Gus Gus stripped Dewey when he appeared to be headed for a punt return touchdown.

Another big play would happen Ferdie Fieldmouse broke up a pass on a fake field goal early in the fourth quarter, but that was it.

Louie hauled in his sideline touchdown pass midway through the quarter and Hewey turned a bobbled pass into a 22-yard touchdown, giving the Quack Pack their long-awaited win.

“I tell them all the time, what better way to study gravity, than by seeing how long we can keep the football in the air!” Louie said.

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