Prowling Bandits upset Goof Troops

Prowling Bandits upset Goof Troops

Babyface runs for 62 yards, Megabyte kicks 3 field goals as Prowling Bandits to upset win over Goof Troops.


Goof Troops770014
Prowling Bandits3610322

Babyface’s runs, Megabyte’s leg power Prowling Bandits to upset win over Goof Troops

Prowling Bandits get big win over Goof Troops

Babyface’s runs, Megabyte’s leg power Prowling Bandits to upset win over Goof Troops.

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Megabyte Beagle made three field goals and Prowling Bandits took advantage of three Goof Troops goof-upsin the third quarter to win 22-14.

The Goof Troops held a 14-9 lead at halftime, but had three turnovers in the third quarter.

Running backBabyface Beaglethrew a first-half interception on a trick play, but also scored twice, including a 6-yard scamper to give the Prowling Bandits a 16-14 the lead for good midway through the third quarter.

Megabyte made field goals from 48, 28 and 50 yards away for the Bandits. Babyface ran for 62 yards on 17 carries.

Arizona Goofrushed for 91 yards on 18 carries for the Goof Troops. Max Goofthrew for 172 yards and a touchdown along with three interceptions.

Goof Troops

Captain Goof-Beard00000004281
Goofy Goof0000000111300
Max Goof224017217-80000
Arizona Goof000018911180
Gilbert Goof0000000230
Bobby Z0000000000
Amos Goofy0000000000

Prowling Bandits

Joaquin Slowly14401751350000
Argus McSwine0000000000
The Sheriff of Nottingham00000004340
Fritter O' Way00000001390
Trudy Van Tubb0000000000
Bigtime Beagle000021606850
Babyface Beagle0000176213171
Bankjob Beagle0000000000
Megabyte Beagle0000000000
Bouncer Beagle0000000000

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