Black Magic Tame Catamounts

Black Magic Tame Catamounts

Firing on all cylinders, Black Magic score on five consecutive offensive possessions, dominate defensive line of scrimmage in blowout


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Gladstone Gander passed for 297 yards and three touchdowns to lead Black Magic to a 38-20 rout of Catamounts.

Firing on all cylinders, Black Magic score on five consecutive offensive possessions, dominate defensive line of scrimmage in blowout.

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Magic beat Cats

Gladstone Gander passed for 297 yards and three touchdowns to lead Black Magic to a 38-20 rout of Catamounts.

Gladstone Gander was so focused on this game that he couldn’t sleep the night before.

Then he turned in the kind of performance that could give defensive coordinators nightmares this 2015 football season, throwing for 297 yards and three touchdowns to lead Black Magic to a 38-20 rout of Catamounts.

With Gander completing 17 of 19 passes — all in the first three quarters — the Magic played well on both sides of the ball.

Imagine if he’d actually slept Thursday night.

“All night, I couldn’t go to sleep,” said Gander, who was 11-of-12 for 210 yards in the first half. “I was just thinking about the game. It was just one of those days one day you’ll look back on and be proud of.”

The Magic scored on their first five possessions for a 30-0 lead against a team that had disrespected them prior to kickoff.

Whether that situation played a role in the outcome is very possible, but either way, the Magic would not be stopped.

John D. Rockerduck, sponsor and interim head coach of the Black Magic, said, “Offensively, we just dominated in the first half…It was almost a perfect game for us.”

“When your opponent scores on five consecutive possessions, it makes for a long, long day,” Sylvester Shyster, sponsor of Catamounts said. “It crushes your confidence.”

The Catamounts couldn’t muster any consistent offense and starting quarterback Pete spent much of the game under pressure. The Cat’s captain had a 44.4 completion percentage (12-27) which allowed the Black Magic secondary to run different blitz packages that kept Pete in check other than one busted play that Pete stumbled 54 yards for his only positive rushing attempt of the day.

“Not being able to complete the ball was rough,” said Pete, who didn’t gain any yards on his other three carries. “It let the defense relax and as they found their confidence, we seemed to have lost ours. I just didn’t throw very well.”

Negaduck had 177 combined yards along with two touchdowns, while Magica De Spell gained 71 yards on the ground and a 2-yard touchdown that made the score 30 to 0 in the second quarter.

But it was Gander who continued to drive the offense, making Catamounts pay dearly for loading up against the run and setting a Mickey Mouse Athletics record for completion percentage in a game.

“The main thing we say every week is we want to beat teams to the punch,” Gander said. “We want to get off to a fast start.”

The Cats got a late touchdown set up by an interception against backup quarterback Spectrus.

The Black Magic had said all week they wouldn’t let Pete beat them, running or passing. After the 54-yard burst by Pete, Rockerduck called a timeout and Pete did not gain anymore rushing yards the rest of the game.

Pete was 12-of-27 passing for 189 yards with two TDs.

The Magic outgained the Catamounts 528-337.

“After we took them out of their game, it was pretty much all downhill for them,” defensive end Splatter Phoenix said.

Gander was nearly perfect in the first half. He hit wide-receiver Scar for a 67-yard score after a reverse flea-flicker on the game’s third play, and hit fullback Merlock for a 30-yard score later in the first quarter.

“That was a play everyone’s been talking about all week,” Gander said of the trick play. “Everyone on the team wanted to run it. It hardly ever works in practice.”

After being late to the game due to wildebeest stampede blocking the road to the stadium, Scar had four catches for a team-high 102 yards.

Pete threw nine consecutive incompletions after starting out 4-of-4, but then threatened to bring the Cats back into the game.

He hit Kat Nipp for a 19-yard touchdown late in the half to make it 30-7 and found Max Hare for a 61-yarder on the opening drive of the third quarter.

On his final throw of the game, before sitting out the fourth quarter, Gander put the game away with a 19-yard TD pass to Elmo Sputterspark.


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Kat Nipp00000001191
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Black Magic

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Goat Man00000004760
Angus Fangus0000000000
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