Pete’s late TD pass lifts Catamounts past Wild Mavericks

Pete’s late TD pass lifts Cats past Wild Mavs

Disney Pete, Kat Nipp

Kat Nipp caught a 4-yard touchdown pass from Pete with 3:50 left in the fourth quarter and the Catamounts came back to beat the Wild Mavericks, 14-12.


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Kat Nipp caught a 4-yard touchdown pass from Pete with 3:50 left in the fourth quarter and the Catamounts rallied to beat the Wild Mavericks, 14-12.

Struggling against Wild Maverick’s defense all afternoon, Catamounts coach Sylvester Shyster finally found an indefensible play.

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Kat Nipp, who had a controversial touchdown taken away from him last week, caught a 4-yard touchdown pass from Pete for the game-winning touchdown.

When the three players jumped for the ball, Kat Nipp was simply the tallest athlete, plucking the ball from the sky with 3:50 remaining in the fourth quarter to lead the Catamounts to a hard-fought 14-12 victory over the Wild Mavericks.

The Karnival Kid 1929, Kat Nipp

Kat Nipp looked like the “tough guy” that mostly seen in the 1929 animated shorts: The Opry House, When the Cat’s Away, and The Karnival Kid.

“Somehow or another Pete found Kat on the jump ball,” Sylvester said. “We had been trying to get the jump ball thrown all day and he finally threw it perfect.”

After being moved to wide receiver last week, Pete was moved back to quarterback this week and struggled for much of the afternoon. He completed 20 of 28 passes for 155 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions. He also rushed for 28 yards on 16 carries.

The Catamounts offense came into the game averaging 153.33 rushing yards per game, but managed only 110 yards and a touchdown against the hard-hitting Mavs.

The Wild Mavericks were driving late in the game, but Ben Ali Gator‘s pass was intercepted by Uncle Bob with 1:45 remaining. From that point, the Catamounts were able to run out the clock, and Pete ran out the back of the end zone on the final play for a Mavericks safety.

“We needed to make one more play,” Hoof and Mouth collectively said. “When you compete against Walt Disney characters from 1929 into the 1930s, you’ve got to change your style of play… you have to make smart plays and their coach [Sylvester Shyster] made a really smart play.”

The low scoring was caused by a mix of dominating defense and missed opportunities on offense.

The Wild Mavericks and Catamounts started quarterbacks on cold-streaks, and it showed for much of the afternoon.

The Catamounts had chances to score in the first half, but Pete threw two interceptions, including one that was caught in the end zone by Sarabelle Cow and another that was caught right at the goal line by her daughter, Itsy-Betsy.

But Pete came up big when it mattered, throwing the ball where only Kat could catch it. The Catamounts tight end, mostly known for his snake-charming act in the 1929 animated short The Opry House, had been quiet up until that point and finished with five catches for 24 yards.

Kat’s catch came on a rare third down conversion. The Catamounts were just 2 of 14 before his touchdown catch quieted the crowd at Field 19 of HESS Sports Fields.

“We kept trying to run for those third downs,” Sylvester said. “I guess we should have been passing on them.”

With the win, the Catamounts (4-3) are back in the middle of playoff contention, with four weeks till the end of the season.

Despite his success in the segment Dance of the Hours, Ben Ali Gator has not been the smooth and agile gator from the 1940 feature film Fantasia. There has been talk around the Catamounts locker room about replacing the starting quarterback, but the team has yet to find a solution to the first-year quarterback’s struggles.

Ben Ali threw a 19-yard touchdown to Sarabelle Cow late in the first quarter to give the Mavericks a 7-0 lead. He had some good moments, but struggled with his accuracy against a swarming Catamounts defense, completing 11 of 29 passes for 165 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions.

He led the Mavs down the field late in the fourth quarter, but his pass was picked off by a Peg Pete’s uncle, Robert E. Lee Sparrowhawk, who Disney and Goof Troops fans call Uncle Bob. Sparrowhawk led the Catamounts with 12 tackles.

Usually a greedy and overconfident Disney Villain, Pete gave recognition to the way the Cats defense played today. “Our offense is in great debt to our defense,” he said.

The Wild Mavericks outgained the Catamounts 295-289. Horace Horsecollar rushed for 67 yards on 20 carries. Ferdinand the Bull added 46 rushing yards on nine carries. Clarabelle Cow, aunt of Itsy-Betsy and sister of Sarabelle, finished with four catches for 54 yards.

Woimly Filcher said it “wasn’t a real pretty game for us,” but it didn’t make a road win any less sweet.

“Guess what — we’re 4-3, we’re over 500 for the year,” Max Hare said.

“We’re going to go in there and celebrate this win. That’s something we’re never going to take for granted. That’s an accomplishment that we will want to continue through the rest of the season.”


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