Chip passes Rescue Rangers past Bow-Dazzlers

Chip passes Rescue Rangers past Bow-Dazzlers

Chip Chipmunk threw for 197 yards and a touchdown to lead the Rescue Rangers to a 17-12 victory over the shockingly mistake-prone Bow-Tique Bow-Dazzlers.



Rescue Rangers improve to 6-2, tied for first

Chip Chipmunk threw for 197 yards and a touchdown to lead the Rescue Rangers to a 17-12 victory over the mistake-prone Bow-Tique Bow-Dazzlers.

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The Rangers (6-2) took advantage of two turnovers and some questionable play-calling by Bow-Dazzlers head coach Mortimer Mouse in the second quarter to take a 14-3 lead.

The Bow-Dazzlers led 3-0 early in the second quarter when they drove to the Rangers 12 on the strength of passes from Minnie Mouse to Melody Mouse. The confusion caused on the play-call on the Bow-Dazzlers next play would have even left Goofy questioning what they were doing. Millie Mouse, whose only time to ever throw a ball was at Minnie’s House at Disneyland, was put at quarterback and Minnie Mouse was split wide to the left side of the formation. As Millie was checking the Rangers defensive alignment to see if she should call an audible, Lady Kluck saw the play clock showing three, two, one seconds, and hiked the ball, bouncing off her helmet onto the ground. What appeared to be a trick-play, should have been a simple quarterback draw, and ended up being a fumble recovered by Little John.

The Rescue Rangers then took the ball 92 yards in 10 plays, highlighted by a 42-yard completion from Chip to Timon that took the Rangers down to the Bow-Dazzlers 2. Pumbaa capped the drive with a 2-yard touchdown run for a 7-3 lead.

Pumbaa rushed for 88 yards on 20 carries.

On the second play of the ensuing possession, linebacker Humphrey the Bear recovered Ortensia’s fumble, giving the Rescue Rangers the ball on the Bow-Dazzlers 27.

Chip, who finished 14-for-20, didn’t waste any time. On the first play, he hit Monterey Jack on a 27-yard touchdown pass for a 14-3 lead.

Lady Kluck added her second field goal of the half with just less than three minutes to go to make it 14-6.

The mistakes continued for Minnie Mouse and the Bow-Dazzlers in the second half.

After Toby Tortoise made a 20-yard field goal to give the Rescue Rangers a 17-6 lead, the Bow-Dazzlers drove to the Rangers 40.

Minnie Mouse took the shotgun snap and was flushed to her left. Linebacker Monterey Jack caught Minnie from behind, forcing and recovering the fumble to end the threat.

When asked about the play after the game, Monterey said, “Coach called our special play, the cheese-attack, so I imagined that the football was a big piece of cheese.”

Minnie, working primarily from the shotgun and wearing a polka-dotted pink and white bow on her head, was 23-for-37 for 262 yards and one touchdown.

Melody Mouse caught 10 passes for 111 yards.

The Bow-Dazzlers got back in the game midway through the fourth quarter.

With six minutes remaining in the game, Minnie hit Madeline Mouse on an 8-yard touchdown pass. Minnie’s pass to Gadget Hackwrench on the 2-point conversion was incomplete, leaving the score 17-12.

The Bow-Dazzlers had one more chance late in the fourth quarter. With the ball at their own 20, Minnie hit Mandie Mouse on a crossing pattern. But defensive back Robin Hood stripped Mandie of the ball and Little John recovered, sealing the win for the Rescue Rangers.


Monterey Jack00000002331
Humphrey the Bear00000001120
Little John0000000000
Robin Hood000010180180
Ace London00001090000
Toby Tortoise0000000000


Minnie Mouse23372621920000
Mandie Mouse00000003480
Millie Mouse00001401230
Melody Mouse0000000101110
Madeline Mouse00000003261
Gadget Hackwrench0000230000
Amelia Fieldmouse000082701170
Lady Kluck0000000000
Maid Marian0000000240

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