Chip sets Disney Football Record

Chip Chipmunk, Rescue Rangers rout hapless Aviators



Chip Chipmunk threw for a league-record 410 yards with three touchdowns and the Rescue Rangers continued their dominance with a 42-9 victory over the powerless Aviators.

Chip‘s league-record 410 yards lead Rangers over Aviators

Rangers’ quarterback Chip Chipmunk had no difficulty throwing the ball connecting with nine different receivers on the day. Dale Chipmunk racked up the bulk of receiving yards on short routes, taking advantage of pathetic tackling, and turning them into long touchdowns.

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Chip threw for a league-record 410 yards, including catch-and-run plays of 77 and 84 yards to his brother Dale in the first quarter, as the Rescue Rangers rolled over the Aviators 42-9.

“We knew that dry taste in the back of our mouth when no acorns were in sight. This win was for all the squirrels, chipmunks, and other animals out there who are constantly heckled by these wings of fury,” Chip said. “We basically made a promise to ourselves that we would never get mixed up with any birds again. We came out today and played four quarters.”

A reference to the Chip ‘N’ Dale Rescue Rangers episode “Pie In The Sky” where the Rangers helped a lost sparrow return to Capistrano. But unlike being in a risky situation and almost becoming part of a “chicken” pie, Chip and Dale put any notion of that nonsense to rest.

This time, they scored three touchdowns in a span of four offensive snaps to jump ahead 21-3 in the first quarter, then added to that while keeping the Aviators out of the end zone.

“I’m proud of the way they were able to look past their emotions and continue focusing on our team goal. I told them last week that it’s time to let your wings fly and to not let anybody or anything hold you down,” coach Plato said.

On the same week that Mickey and Minnie were playing each other in the Plane Crazy Reunion, the Rescue Rangers out-gained the Aviators in total yardage 671 to 259.

The Rangers have won four in a roll since losing 41-35 to Dark Dynasty.

“We just got our tail feathers kicked. There’s really not anything else I can say,” coach Rockerduck said. “We gave up two big plays in the first quarter, and all season our offense hasn’t been able to make plays… We never could get out of a jam after we got behind.”

Chip had no thoughts of the show Clarice put on for the Bow-Dazzlers, as he completed 26 of 39 passes, ran nine times for 41 yards and had a big block, taking down defensive end Herb Muddlefoot in the backfield on a reverse that got the Rangers a first down.

“The game plan really didn’t change. It was condensed a little,” Chip said. “We went out and executed as best we can. You just can’t let things like that hold you back.”

Dale finished with seven catches for 225 yards, and Pumbaa had 12 rushes for 122 yards and two touchdowns.

Pumbaa put the Rescue Rangers ahead to stay at 7-0 with a 34-yard touchdown run, when he kept his balance into the end zone after being twisted around by a defender near the 10. That came two plays after Ace London intercepted Rockhead Rooster’s pass.

Dale then had both of his long TD catches in a 3-minute span of the Rangers last home game of the regular season.

Chip hit Dale in stride near the Rangers 40 on a slant route on the first play after an Aviators punt. The chipmunk made the grab in front of cornerback Garvey Gull and sprinted by him the final 60 yards for the 77-yard touchdown.

Rockhead, who was just 10 of 25 for 132 yards with two interceptions, had a 42-yard pass to Garvey to the Rescue Rangers 12 before the Aviators settled for Yellow Beak’s 30-yard field goal. Yellow Beak also made kicks of 27 and 28 kicks for the only Aviators points.

Two plays after his Beak’s field goal, Dale got behind Garvey Gull and then out leaped Bruto for the catch. Dale caught that pass about the same place as the previous one, again sprinting untouched to the end zone.

Pumbaa added a 35-yard TD just before halftime for a 28-9 lead. The Rangers started the second half with a 14-play drive capped by Chip‘s 22-yard TD pass to Humphrey the Bear.

The Rangers stand at 9-2 with the Mickey Mouse Athletics Regular Season Championship within their grasp.

“I haven’t thought about [winning the championship]. I didn’t think about it before,” Toby Tortoise said. “My advice to anybody would be just try to win the game, never underestimate your opponent, and have fun while playing the game.”


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