Donald, Disney Ducks Clinch 2016 Regular Season Title

Disney Ducks clinch Number One Seed, Regular Season Championship behind Donald Duck’s MVP performance

The Disney Ducks left no doubt on the last week of the 2016 regular season.



Facing the Dark Dynasty on a rain-soaked field, the Quack Pack dominated all phases of the game to earn a 58-13 win and claim the 2016 Mickey Mouse Athletics Regular Season Championship. With the victory, the Ducks secured the number one seed and home-field advantage throughout the Walt Disney playoffs.

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Donald Duck improved his career record against Dark Dynasty to 3-0 outscoring the offensive onslaught led by Mortimer Mouse and Taurus Bulba by a total of 117 to 39.

“You can tell a lot about a team by their study. Meticulous study, meticulous business, I always say,” head coach Scrooge McDuck said.

“That’s the neatest part about this group, is that they never stop believing in this process.”

With less than a minute left in regulation, the richest duck in the world was doused on the sideline in a celebratory Gatorade bath. Not even a futile Dark Dynasty touchdown as time expired could keep the Quack Pack from spilling from the sideline as regular season champions.

Fethry Duck, Donald’s Teammate

Disney Ducks clinch Number One Seed, Regular Season Championship behind Donald Duck’s MVP performance.

It was Donald Duck‘s last chance of the season to showcase his resume for MVP and he went out in style. The short-tempered and hot headed leader of the Quack Pack went 25-of-38 for 326 yards and two touchdowns through the air while adding 40 yards and two more scores on the ground.

But make no mistake, the Ducks’ defense won the day this time around. By halftime, Quack Pack held a commanding 30-0 lead and allowed Dark Dynasty just 25 yards of offense on 25 plays.

“They played well, we didn’t,” Dark Dynasty coach Flintheart Glomgold said tersely after the game. “Outcoached us, outplayed us, did a nice job. We didn’t execute well.”

The Dark Disney Dynasty entered the contest with the worst record in the league allowing 30.2 points per game, and the league’s highest scoring offense did all it could do to continue that trend.

And for the league leader in passing yards? Mortimer Mouse was benched at halftime and reentered in the fourth quarter to finish the game going 9-of-26 for 113 passing yards and one touchdown along with his 12th thrown interception of the season.

The third quarter saw Darkwarrior Duck under center for Dark Dynasty as they ran 20 times for 75 yards, with Taurus Bulba getting the bulk of his team-high 20 carries with Mortimer on the sidelines. But the Darkwing Duck villain didn’t last long with Mortimer back in the fourth.

Mortimer Mouse would throw a 69-yard pass to a wide open Big Bad Wolf, but the game was already over.

Mortimer made a pair of first downs on their initial drive of the game, but proceeded to go three-and-out on its next six possessions to close out the first half. By intermission, the Dark Dynasty had 34 passing yards and minus-9 rushing.

After the game, Glomgold detailed that Mortimer had been battling off the field issues for the past month, saying, “I’m proud of the way he’s competed. It wasn’t a good night.”

For his part, Mortimer didn’t use the issue or the way the Dark Dynasty season has gone as an excuse for his lackluster first-half performance.

“After getting thrown out by Minnie and Hyacinth Hippo at the House of Mouse,” said the one best known as Mickey’s Rival for Minnie’s affection, “in retrospect it was probably not worth the flirting.”

With Mortimer playing with no confidence and no chance for the postseason, the Ducks were able to build a big lead despite some struggles of their own in the first half. Early drives stalled in the red zone and kicker Fethry Duck went 3-of-3 in an unusually busy first half, including a 31-yarder as the clock expired.

But Scrooge McDuck’s loyal pilot flew past defenders putting the offense on his back in the first half as Quack Pack dominated time of possession. Launchpad McQuack would end up carrying the ball 20 times for 112 yards and two touchdowns.

Both of the Ducks first-half touchdowns came via Donald Duck, who kept the ball under his right wing on a 7-yard score midway though the second period before scampering for another 4-yard touchdown a few minutes later.

Donald really got to work in the third quarter, throwing a pair of touchdown passes while going over 3000 passing yards for the season.

It was just the latest noteworthy performance in what’s been a remarkable season for Donald, who has been dazzling from Quack Pack’s opening blowout against the Beagle Boys to his dramatic performance of 338 yards and two TDs in a comeback win against Bow-Tique Bow-Dazzlers.

“If he isn’t what the MVP Trophy is all about,” Scrooge said, “Then I’m in the wrong business.”

In week 1, Donald Duck became the first duck in Disney Football history to score seven total touchdowns in a single game. By the end of the regular season, he became the first player to pass for over 30 TDs in the regular season and led the league with 228 total points scored; both shattering previous records set by Mickey during the 2015 season.

With the number one seed clinched, the Quack Pack will have to play the waiting game to see which of the five possible teams vying for the eighth and final playoff spot, while Mortimer will look to regroup his team for next year.


Big Bad Wolf0000711
Darkwarrior Duck0015000
Emil Eagle000000
Lucifer the Cat000000
Mortimer Mouse113162000
Phantom Blot000040
Taurus Bulba0081100


Dewey Duck00001261
Donald Duck326240200
Dugan Duck00001040
Fenton Crackshell000000
Fethry Duck000000
Gus Goose0000461
Huey Duck0000230
Launchpad McQuack00112200
Webby Vanderquack00114100

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