Donald Duck Shows Off “Quack Pack” Jerseys

Donald Duck announces Quack Pack jerseys

Donald Duck is one of the most beloved Disney characters. Since the beginning of time (actually 1934), he has always been a bench-warmer to Mickey Mouse, but this time, Donald Duck one-upped him.

Donald Duck is known for his sailor suit and hat, but with this announcement, he may have the flashiest gear in all of Mickey Mouse Athletics.

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As manager and player for the Quack Pack, Donald Duck took over the reins and became the first team to display their jerseys for this upcoming football season. Working with a design created by Scott Johnson, the Quack Pack will wear a different jersey for nearly every game this season.

Donald Duck, Quack Pack uniforms

Donald Duck displaying Quack Pack uniforms for this fall.

Donald Duck‘s Trend

Whether we want to admit it or not, sports has become a little bit of a fashion fest, with teams everywhere showing off some of their threads for fans to gawk over. So it seems natural that Donald Duck would jump on the opportunity to try out the “new fad”.

Even though there’s no hard science behind the phrase “look good, play good,” there’s no doubt in my mind that these uniforms will help the Quack Pack to win a lot of games.

In regards to beating Mickey Mouse to the punch, this may or may not be a sign of change…we will find out this season


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