Gladstone Gander, Black Magic pull away from Mouseketeers

Black Magic shakes off slow start, tops Mickey Mouse led Mouseketeers

Gladstone Gander threw for three touchdowns, Negaduck rushed for 124 yards and the Black Magic beat the Mouseketeers 45 to 30.


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Gladstone Gander, Black Magic pull away from Mouseketeers

For the second time in the past three weeks, the Black Magic found themselves in a 10 point deficit. But unlike last time, a 20 to 6 loss to Arizona Goof and the Goof Troops, the Black Magic showed no sign of worry. And once that deficit was erased during the second quarter, everything started going their way.

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Gladstone Gander threw three touchdown passes, Negaduck finished with 124 rushing yards and the Black Magic shook off a problematic opening quarter to beat the Mouseketeers 45-30.

“Strategic relationship development is just as crucial within an organization, and its impact is at most evident in succession planning, ” Black Magic coach John D. Rockerduck said, quoting an article from Huffington Post on the resignation of Disney COO Thomas O. Staggs.

“You really don’t have any leadership until you have a bead of sweat and the wet ball hits Mickey’s Fun Wheel…and that’s what happened. I think we learned a lot about our team. We had great leadership through that, we had great poise, but we must not make our offense depend solely on one individual…that’s not how good organizations work,” Rockerduck added.

But unlike the lack of support from Disney shareholders, board of directors, and management reports for Thomas Staggs in replacing CEO Robert A. Iger, the Black Magic football team came together in the second quarter to end their succession woes.

Gladstone Gander’s Offensive Leadership

The Black Magic (5-4) outscored the league leading offense, Mouseketeers, 38-6 over a 37-minute stretch, more than enough to erase an early 17-7 deficit — even while turning the ball over four times.

Gladstone shook off two first-half interceptions to complete 17 of 22 passes for 324 yards, Magica De Spell scored two touchdowns in the fourth quarter to seal the win, and the Black Magic racked up 551 total yards on offense and scored 45 points on a defense that had only allowed 97 points all season.

“I’m proud to say that we’re on the right track,” Gladstone said. “But we’ve still got a lot of things to do.”

Goat Man, Magica De Spell and Scar caught scoring passes for the Black Magic, and Spectrus added a 30-yard interception return for another touchdown with 1:08 left.

Mickey Mouse Relives The Mad Doctor

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit had two rushing touchdowns for the Mouseketeers (6-3), which wasted a chance to take over first place in the latest Mickey Mouse Athletics football standings. The Mouseketeers controlled the first quarter, holding the ball for nearly 14 of the 15 minutes, and still loss in a game that mirrored Mickey’s performance in the The Mad Doctor (1933).

After battling his way through booby traps and animated skeletons to rescue Pluto, Mickey eventually gets caught and strapped onto a table by the mad scientist, Dr. XXX, for irrelevant reasons. But as that nightmare for Mickey ended by being woke up by a fly, the only thing to end this nightmare was for the scoreboard to countdown to zero.

“It’s frustrating,” Mickey said. “The last couple of weeks we feel we had the league on the ropes and we beat ourselves each time.”

The Mouseketeers changed their pass-happy offensive mindset. That, combined with the fact that each of the Black Magic’s first three drives lasted exactly two plays apiece — the results were touchdown, fumble, interception — meant the Black Magic defense was put to the test early.

“It was like World War III out there,” defensive end Detective Casey said.

Because Black Magic’s drives were ending so quickly, there was no time for the defense to make any adjustments on the sidelines. That didn’t happen until halftime, when Coach Rockerduck started thinking like a supervillian, Roller Dollar, and drew up a few fixes.

“I was happy to use my evil business skills for the team,” Rockerduck said with a smirk.

Black Magic Football Team Gets Hot

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit’s 7-yard run increased the deficit for the Black Magic. But Negaduck would return the ensuing kickoff to the Black Magic 27, ran 33 yards on the first snap, and Gladstone found Goat Man for a 40-yard score on the very next play.

But with the score 17-7 after Jaq’s 31-yard scoring run, the Black Magic were still not phased by their previous deficit experiences.

“No one was worried,” Goat Man said. “We had confidence.”

They also got a break, Disney-gifted by Mouseketeers quarterback Mickey Mouse, who fumbled the ball away early in the second quarter. That led to a Magic drive capped by Gladstone finding Magica De Spell for a score, and the Black Magic were on their way.

“You couldn’t have scripted a better start,” Mouseketeers coach Captain Churchmouse said. “We were holding the ball, keeping the ball away from them. Had a couple of turnovers early and felt we had a lot of momentum. Then we turned it back, which really hurt us.”

Scar’s 69-yard catch-and-run late in the third quarter put the Black Magic on top for good. After Negaduck fumbled a punt away to open the fourth, the Mouseketeers answered with Oswald’s second score of the game, and seemed poised to tie the game at 24-all.

But Gus’ snap on the point-after attempt was low, Shamrock Bones’ kick went left, and the Black Magic became energized — scoring three touchdowns in the fourth quarter for the first time this season.

“We came out fast,” Coach Churchmouse said. “But they just finished.”


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Seamus O’Hara0000000000
Detective Casey0000000000
Amos Mouse0000000290
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Black Magic

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Elmo Sputterspark00000003740
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Gladstone Gander172232432200000
Magica De Spell000091913241
El Capitan0000000000
Goat Man00000004661

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