Goof Troops 21-point 3rd closes out Wild Mavericks

Goof Troops 21-point 3rd closes out Wild Mavericks


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Quack Pack710141041

Arizona Goof’s 65-yard touchdown run and 5-yard touchdown reception were part of 28 unanswered second-half points as the Goof Troops beat the Wild Mavericks 41-10.

Arizona Goof, Goofy spark Goof Troops in huge 2nd half

The Goof Troops’ opponents have figured out how to limit its powerful running game, but they showed that they are possibly more dangerous in the air.

Goofy Goof set a single-game program record with 221 yards on a career-high 12 catches, Max Goof threw for 264 yards and Gilbert Goof hit Arizona Goof on a 5-yard touchdown pass as the Goof Troops scored 28 unanswered second-half points to beat the Wild Mavericks 41-10.

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"Our focus this week was to try to distinguish ourselves by playing to a higher standard, and I challenged everybody to do that and I feel like in the second half we did that," said Goof Troops coach Benjamin Goof.

Benjamin was displeased with the Goof Troops’ effort in recent games and worried this week that his players had become satisfied with playing second fiddle to athletes like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

Through the first half, the Troops appeared to be in for another competitive game like last week’s first win of the season against the Quack Pack.

The Wild Mavericks took a lesson from the Rescue Rangers and Mouseketeers, who successfully limited the Goof Troops the second and third weeks of the season by blitzing and pressuring Max Goof. The effort wore down a team plagued by a lack of depth, and the Goof Troops got its second win of the year, along with their first winning streak in program history.

"As a defense we compete for a half -- tackling, wrapping up the running backs, filling gaps. The second half I thought we fell apart, which seems to be a story that keeps coming," Wild Mavericks linebacker Ferdinand the Bull said.

The Goof Troops came out of halftime with only a 13-10 lead but wasted no time in the third quarter. They racked up three straight first downs on its opening drive before Tank pushed the ball 1 yard for the touchdown for a 20-10 lead.

"[At halftime] everyone just sat and thought about the opportunities we might have missed in the first half," Max said. "We are pleased with the way we came out in the second half."

Max Goof’s success connecting with his dad, Goofy Goof, opened it up for the Goof Troops on the ground. Arizona Goof and Tank had just 91 yards rushing at halftime, but added 96 yards on the ground in the third quarter.

Arizona Goof broke a 65-yard run for a touchdown on the next drive, and Tank followed that up with another 1-yard touchdown run to make it 34-10 with 3:45 in the third quarter. Max completed 21 of 32, mostly to Goofy.

"We fought them pretty hard for 30 minutes and were scrapping and fighting," Ben Ali Gator said. "When we came out in the third quarter they got some big plays, and we made some bad mistakes. They took advantage with a few scores and then the game got away from us. The third quarter, obviously, was the difference."

For their part, the Wild Mavs had a few shots to keep the game competitive in the second half. Ben Ali Gator led a long drive that eventually stalled at the Goof Troops 35 after three straight run plays, and Yo Yo Flamingo missed a 52-yard field goal attempt that could have cut the Goof Troops’ lead to a touchdown.

Ben Ali drove the Wild Mavs the length of the field when they got the ball back after Arizona Goof’s touchdown, but Captain Goof-Beard stepped in front of a would-be touchdown pass to Clarabelle Cow and took the ball to the Wild Mavs 20. Ben Ali was also taken to the ground by Tank on that play and never returned to the game.

Ben Ali Gator finished 12 for 22 for 117 yards and an interception, but no touchdowns.

In the losing effort, Ferdinand the Bull found a gaping hole in the line and ran 59 yards to the end zone with 8:44 left in the first quarter. He finished with 117 yards on the ground, making it the second time he’s surpassed the 100-yard mark this season.

"We still have a lot of things we need to work on," Goof Troops defensive end, Captain Goof-Beard said. "We are just coming into our own."

Wild Mavericks

Clarabelle Cow00000006870
Horace Horsecollar0000123704600
Neighbor Jones00000001140
Yo Yo0000000000
Practical Pig0000000140
Ben Ali Gator254223111321000
Cousin Bertie00000002130
Cousin Boniface00000002130

Quack Pack

Donald Duck49122212510000
Webby Vanderquack00002716323320
Launchpad McQuack00001111013410
Dewey Duck8115405180000
Huey Duck00002902441
Doofus Drake0000000000
Fethry Duck00000002160
Gus Goose0000000000
Drake Mallard0000000000
Fenton Crackshell0000000000
Ripcord McQuack0000000000
Grand Mogul0000000000
Dugan Duck0000000000

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