Mickey Talks Football and Minnie

Mickey Mouse talks Football

The locker room of Walt Disney Fieldhouse is perfectly organized, black and red colors show predominately everywhere. Inside the locker room, there is a black couch, with two cushions, both bearing Mouseketeer logos. It rests next to a mini fridge that holds bottles of water, three packs of Capri sun, all kinds of chips and a dozen yogurt snacks.

On the wall above is a picture of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit that Mickey Mouse placed there to remind himself that, although both of them were created by the same person, in no way did that mean they had to be the same character. Around the room are several photos of Mickey’s and his pals hanging out at Mickey’s Clubhouse.

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Then walking through the tunnel that leads to the football field, there’s even more photos.

Mouseketeers  Football Stadium

Mouseketeers Football Tunnel displaying several photos of the life of Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Mouse points to one in particular, smiling as he says, “That’s my favorite photo of them all.”

The Perfect Football Spiral

Born into a time of black and white videos, he spent the majority of his time playing outside and quickly mastered the game of football. Something about scoring touchdowns and having people cheer for you made the game fun. But even before, Mickey could throw a perfect spiral football before he could walk; which caught the eye of the sweet and stylish, Minnie Mouse.

Since this moment, the two have been inseparable.

Football Babies

The game of football brought them together; Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto.

Because of this, it should come as no surprise that before Mickey approved his Mouseketeer logo that he asked Minnie what she thought. Of course, she liked the Quack Pack jerseys that Donald Duck announced this past week, but she loved Mickey’s Mouseketeer uniforms.

Mickey Mouse, Mouseketeer Football Jersey

Mickey Mouse displaying Mouseketeer Football uniforms for this fall

The Photo in the Football Tunnel

Going back to that photo that Mickey had pointed out earlier, it was sketches of the earliest drawings of himself that The Walt Disney Family Museum donated to the Mouseketeers organization. Now there were plenty of photos of Mickey’s memorable films (Plane Crazy, Steamboat Willie, Fantasia), I found it very interesting that he would pick the worst picture of himself. So on my way out I asked him why that particular photo.

“Without that photo, I never would have been born. Without that photo, I never would have known how much optimism and imagination Walt (Disney) had in me. With that photo, I have learned to appreciate those who belief in me and encourage others that all they have to do is belief.”

It is this motivation that Mickey plans to lead his Mouseketeers to victory during this inaugural season of Mickey Mouse Athletics.

Walt Disney's earliest sketches of Mickey Mouse

Before he learned to throw that perfect spiral football: Concept art of Mickey from early 1928; the sketches are the earliest known drawings of the character, from the collection of The Walt Disney Family Museum. (Source: Wikipedia)

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