Dark Dynasty hammer Wild Mavericks

Dark Dynasty breeze through Wild Mavericks

Mortimer Mouse and the Dark Dynasty show Stang Cow and Wild Mavericks a night that Mickey Mouse Athletics football league will never forget.


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Record Setting Mortimer, Dark Dynasty hammer Wild Mavericks

Ask the Wild Mavs what they think about Mortimer Mouse now?

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In the home final for the Dark Dynasty 2015 regular season, Mortimer Mouse passed for three touchdowns, ran for another and the Dark Dynasty coasted to a 52-10 win over Wild Mavericks that got testy at times when relatives of Clarabelle Cow popped Mortimer for two late hits.

“I did get hit out of bounds a couple of times,” Mortimer said. “I compete really hard, so when I get hit out of bounds I don’t really know what’s going on, I just want to get back on the field … I guess Mickey was somewhere in the stadium, he was probably smiling and planning a picnic with Minnie.”

The Record-Setting Performance

Displaying sparks of football intelligence and craftiness throughout the first half, the overconfident Mortimer never wavered as Dark Dynasty ran up a 28-10 halftime lead. His third touchdown pass made it 42-10 and he left early in the fourth quarter with 222 yards on 24-of-29 passing. He also did his best to imitate the Mouseketeers balanced offense with 103 yards rushing on 12 carries, finishing the day with 325 total yards and four touchdowns.

Mortimer Mouse leads Dark Dynasty to win

Record Setting Mortimer, Dark Dynasty hammer Wild Mavericks. Mortimer Mouse and the Dark Dynasty show Wild Mavericks a few things about being tough.

Though he sat out most of the fourth quarter, by that time, Mortimer had made history by becoming the only player in Mickey Mouse Athletics to pass for more than 200 yards and run for 100 more in a single game.

He became the first quarterback to pass for more than 200 yards and run for 100 more in a single game. Rescue Rangers quarterback Chip Chipmunk had initially set the record in the Week 5 Rescue Rangers win over the Quack Pack becoming the only quarterback to pass for more than 100 yards and run for 100 more in a single game before today.

Pregame Antis from Both Teams

Mortimer, whose boastful and rebellious attitude has developed the Dark Dynasty football team, knew this game would be a blowout before it even began. During the pregame warm ups, Mortimer kept yelling “Ha-cha-cha” over to the Wild Mavericks sidelines to get the attention of Clarabelle Cow, and her niece, Sarabelle Cow.

“Mortimer played as good of a game as I’ve seen this entire season. If he continues to run the ball as well as he runs his mouth, we should be in good shape,” Dark Dynasty coach Flintheart Glomgold said.

But most of Mortimer’s pregame antics were justified due to Wild Mavericks coach Stang Cow comments this past week suggesting the team made of Disney Villains would be forgotten after the season and could be intimidated if hit hard enough. When they first walked into the stadium about two hours before kickoff, Dark Dynasty nose tackle Phantom Blot pulled off his black garb on the field and appeared to be in a staring contest with several Wild Mavericks players only 25 yards away.

Dark Dynasty Support Mortimer Mouse

Though the rest of team remained quiet and focused before the game, they supported Mortimer Mouse in his actions.

“Mortimer had every right to be mad at those remarks…whether true or not…the way things have played out since Mickey’s Rival, then to not be seen in animated again until 2000, always being remembered as Mickey’s would-be namesake…that’s a rough life,” Big Bad Wolf commented.

“The most important thing is family… I’ve known these guys [teammates] forever… There’s a lesson to be learned any time other teams disrespect you, or a family member, before a game. You learn to keep your eyes open, but keep your mouth shut,” Phantom Blot said.

Stang Cow didn’t have to be asked about it after the game. No questions, no answers, just one simple statement, “I know one thing, they’re a lot tougher than we are, I don’t know if my remarks helped their team, if they did, then I apologize to my team.”

Dark Dynasty had no trouble pushing around the Wild Mavs’ defense. While Stang Cow had said he wanted to get “three hats” on their ball carriers, they seldom appeared to have three players even close in the first half.

Mortimer moved his offense with ease, completing his first 13 passes, tossing TDs of 2 and 9 yards to Idgit the Midget and Steelbeak in the first quarter. Twice he was hit hard late on the drive that ended with Steelbeak’s TD and his 2-yard TD run in the second quarter making it 28-3. Both times by Clarabelle Cow’s relatives, Cousin Boniface and Cousin Bertie, who didn’t see Mortimer’s antics but had heard about Mortimer’s antics from Yo Yo Flamingo.

Moving Forward, Defensive Improvements

The Dark Dynasty defense still has plenty to work out, but got better as the game wore on.

Wild Mavericks quarterback Ben Ali Gator passed for 226 yards in the first half. The Wild Mavs first two drives got inside the Dark Dynasty 20 before both ended in turnovers with a fumbled snap and an interception.

Darkwarrior Duck, who got caught thinking about how to maintain control on his hometown St. Canard, was burned for several big plays and a touchdown, but also caused an interception off a tipped pass and blocked a punt in the third quarter to set up another touchdown.

Ben Ali finished with 253 yards passing and a touchdown pass to tight end Hyacinth Hippo, and spent all of the fourth quarter trying to run the clock out. The Wild Mavs gained just 53 yards of total offense in the second half.

“I thought the whole defense played well after Darkwarrior quit thinking about St. Canard at halftime,” Flintheart said. “He got that evil, red glare back in his eyes that I think he may have lost for a while, and our defensive unit got better.”

The Dark Dynasty rolled up 504 total yards, and have scored an average of 36 points in their six wins this season; including an average of 42 points on their current three game winning streak, including wins over the Beagle Boys and Prowling Bandits and the Chip ‘N’ Dale Rescue Rangers football team.

“We played a near perfect home finale,” Flintheart said.

Wild Mavericks

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Dark Dynasty

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Big Bad Wolf00000007621
Taurus Bulba0000126313100
Darkwarrior Duck45491430160
Lucifer the Cat0000000000
Emil Eagle0000000000
Dangerous Dan McBoo0000000000
Idgit the Midget0000000000

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