Mouseketeers edge Bow Dazzlers in a Plane Crazy Walt Disney Reunion

Mouseketeers edge Bow-Dazzlers in a Plane Crazy Reunion

Gus recovered a fumble in the end zone to preserve the Mouseketeers 35-31 victory over the Bow-Tique Bow-Dazzlers in what amounted to the first remake of Plane Crazy with a few exceptions.

Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Plane Crazy Remake

Gus recovered a fumble in the end zone to preserve the Mouseketeers 35-31 victory over the Bow-Tique Bow-Dazzlers in what amounted to the first remake of Plane Crazy with a few exceptions.

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Mouseketeers rebound from slow start to beat the Bow-Tique Bow-Dazzlers 35-31

Almost a century has passed since the two met in the black and white silent film, Plane Crazy, and both Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse have changed much since then. Whether it was his mischievous and rogue personality or disastrous first flight that almost resulted in an even more brief career of Carolyn Cow, Mickey and Minnie have always have a passionate side towards one another.

From The Barn Dance, where Minnie continually chose Pete over Mickey, to The Plowboy where Minnie revoked Mickey’s attempt to kiss her by dumping a full bucket of milk on his head; yes, both athletes have changed much since then.

But all of those Disney Animated Shorts seemed like a distant dream as both teams took the field before the start of the national anthem. Unlike Walt Disney having trouble picking up a distributor after the May 15, 1928 screening, this game, deemed as the Plane Crazy Reunion, was sold out at the start of the season. And unlike that original silent film, the Bow-Dazzlers stadium was hyped up with Disneymania.

Mouseketeers take opportunity of Bow-Dazzlers late fumble

Gus Gus recovered a fumble in the end zone to preserve the Mouseketeers’ 35-31 victory over the Bow-Dazzlers in what amounted to a potential preview for the first round of the playoffs.

That Big Thunder Mountain Railroad like-play proved to be the decisive blow.

“This was a playoff game,” said Mouseketeers’ defensive lineman Seamus O’Hara, who forced the last fumble. “But from here on in, every game is a playoff game. They just get bigger and bigger.”

The Mouseketeers (7-3) got a reprieve after Bow-Dazzlers wide receiver Madeline Mouse lost the ball at the end of a tackle-breaking catch-and-run to the end zone with 1:30 left. It was ruled a touchdown, but the replay official determined she lost the ball before crossing the goal line.

Cinderella star, Octavius dived on it, deflating the thousands of Bow-Tique Bow-Dazzlers fans who traveled to support the highest scoring offense in Mickey Mouse Athletics football league. The Bow-Dazzlers (5-5) have lost two straight, after starting the year at 4-1 with wins over the Dark Dynasty and Black Magic football teams.

“It’s just a really, really sickening way to lose,” head coach Mortimer Mouse said.

Mickey Mouse on Cows and Football

In May of 1928, Mickey’s first documented experience milking a cow was an unsuccessful accident. While trying to obtain control of an already uncontrollable plane, Mickey accidentally grabs the udder of a cow comically hanging off the plane. Every time he would grab onto them, milk would shoot in his face, sending him tumbling onto the ground.

It would take almost a year to learn the whole concept of milking to come to Mickey. Finally in the Disney Animated Short The Plow Boy (May 1929) Mickey showed Minnie and the world that he did have the skill set that was needed to milk a cow. Though he would eventually get a full bucket of milk thrown at him by Minnie, he learned the concept of organization and patience behind the art of milking.

Mickey would feed these elements into his play calling approach for the rest of the game.

The Mouseketeers milked a minute off the clock before the Bow-Dazzlers got the ball back at its 49 with 26 seconds and no timeouts left. Minnie Mouse, who had fumbled at the Mouseketeers 6 on the previous drive, threw three straight incompletions before a final desperation play went nowhere.

Mortimer and Mouseketeers coach Captain Churchmouse said they had little doubt what the replay would show.

“I knew it was a fumble and I thought we got it,” Churchmouse said. “The coaches up in the press box told us we had it, so I knew we were going to get the ball.”

He and Mortimer, longtime friends and proponents of the Mickey Mouse Universe, had both downplayed the significance of Mickey and Minnie playing on opposite sides of the ball.

Churchmouse tried to keep his team focused after the victory.

“It felt like a big game,” he said. “They’re still one of the best teams in the Walt Disney Corporation. I had people tell me it was an elimination game but the bottom line it was one playoff-bound team versus another playoff-bound team. It’s a really big win for us.”

The Mouseketeers gained 502 yards against a sub-par Bow-Dazzlers defense. Inconsistency has been a huge issue for a defense that was able to hold the league leading Rescue Rangers to 17 points and yet was routed by the Quack Pack in a 14 to 41 loss earlier in the season.

The Bow-Dazzlers scored their most points in a loss since their high-scoring affair against the Diamond Ducks which, despite Minnie Mouse’s four touchdown performance, they wound up losing 28 to 38.

It was a compelling duel between two teams tangling for playoff shots, and two quarterbacks swapping big plays.

Mickey Mouse completed 15 of 22 passes for 254 yards with an interception along with two passing and two rushing touchdowns. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit turned in another workhorse game, gaining 138 yards on 27 punishing carries.

Minnie Mouse was 28-of-40 passing for 339 yards and two touchdowns along with another rushing touchdown. The Bow-Dazzlers had three receivers reach the 100 yard mark: Mandie Mouse (118), Millie Mouse (106), and Melody Mouse (103).

Minnie had a 59-yard run and scored on a 3-yarder early in the fourth quarter to give the Bow-Dazzlers a 31-28 lead.

After Minnie’s touchdown, the Mouseketeers answered with Oswald’s 6-yard touchdown run with 10:23 left that proved the last points but didn’t conclude the drama.

Bow-Dazzlers, Comeback Queens Dethroned

This wasn’t the first time the Bow-Tique Bow-Dazzlers came back from a deficit in the fourth quarter. Back in Week 1 to open the season, the Bow-Dazzlers rallied from a 17-point fourth quarter deficit when Minnie hit Mandie Mouse for a 15-yard touchdown to beat the Aviators. The following week Ortensia ran for 199 yards and two touchdowns as the Bow-Tique Bow-Dazzlers recovered from four fumbles to rally and beat the Catamounts 28-20. The excitement continued into Week 3, as Lady Kluck’s three field goals, including a 34-yard game winner with 2:05 left, helped the Bow-Dazzlers squeeze by the Dark Dynasty.

But this time, there was no comeback. The final drive proved anticlimactic, leaving the Bow-Tique fans in stunned silence.

Minnie’s first three passes fell incomplete, including a drop by team touchdown leading, Clarice, across the middle. Minnie then hit Mandie at the 37, Mandie flipped it back to Millie, who threw it back to Minnie.

Minnie’s next try fell to the ground, and the game was over. So, too, is the Bow-Dazzlers chance at a regular season title.

“When you see your family and friends put so much into preparing for opportunities like we had, you see the hurt that you go through,” Mortimer said. “Whoever lost that game was going to feel that way. It was a great Disney football game with two really good teams.”

After Minnie’s fumble, the Bow-Dazzlers held the Mouseketeers to a single first down that came on a deflected pass nearly picked off by Maid Marian, who might have had an easy interception for a touchdown. A late hit on the punt return gave Minnie Mouse the ball at her team’s 48 with 3:22, but the Bow-Tique Bow-Dazzlers came up inches short.

“Walt was a cool guy, but I’ve learned from one of his mistakes,” Mickey said, a quick reference to Walt Disney not giving Ub Iwerks enough credit for Plane Crazy. “Without Oswald, we never would have won this game.”

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