Mouseketeers outlast Goof Troops, 42-39

Mouseketeers outlast Goof Troops, 42-39


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Mickey Mouse and his Mouseketeers teammates poured on all the offense they had, and Goof Troops stayed right on their heels.

The Mouseketeers continue the 2015 football season in the right direction, with a dazzling 42-39 win over the Goof Troops.

The Game, replayed for the Walt Disney Football Championship, later this year?

Could be.

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“If this was boxing they’d definitely get a rematch,” Mouseketeers defensive back Ferdie Fieldmouse said.

Mickey and the blazing Mouseketeers put their speed on display with a barrage of big plays — and they needed every one to beat an inspired Goof Troops team.

The “Game of the Century” the first match up in this storied friendship, was played in honor of the late Walt Disney, who passed away in December of 1966. The teams couldn’t have honored his memory with a better game, although it certainly wasn’t the brand of animation he and Ub Iwerks had done for decades.

Mickey and the Mouseketeers do it all, overwhelming the Goof Troops with offense, begin 2015 championship campaign on positive note defeating Goof Troops, 42-39

Mickey and the Mouseketeers do it all, overwhelming the Goof Troops with offense, continue 2015 championship campaign on positive note defeating Goof Troops, 42-39

“There were a lot of good play makers out there today,” Mouseketeers running back, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, said. “It was a fast-break game the whole way.”

The Mouseketeers have another big win for the year, but they might not have seen the last of Goof Troops this season with several games remaining before the playoffs begin.

“I guarantee if we play, it would be a whole different game,” Goof Troops running back Arizona Goof said. “We should have got them the first time around. We didn’t. If it doesn’t happen, that’s our fault.”

Two defenses that came in with gifted athletes were unable to stop each other’s attack. It was the most points scored this week of football.

“My friendship with Goofy is something special and will never end, but to honor Walt [Disney] this kind of way, I think he would have been happy with our performance,” Mickey said. “This is the house that he built, this is his game. Aside from that, it’s the first, and biggest, game in the history between Goofy and I. And tomorrow could be different, but today the best team won.”

Mickey played a near perfect first half and finished 29-for-41 for 316 yards, a third straight magical drives against Goof Troops that might have just locked up the Player of the Week honors.

“I would think he clinched the POW Honor, I don’t think there’d be any question about that”, Morty Fieldmouse said.

While Mickey and the Mouseketeers twice jumped out to 14-point leads, the Goof Troops wouldn’t stay down, led by Arizona’s 102 rushing yards and two touchdowns.

When Mickey tossed his fourth touchdown pass — a 13-yarder to Ferdinand “Ferdie” Fieldmouse with 5:38 left on a drive aided by a Goof Troops roughing-the-passer penalty — Mouseketeers was up 42-31, but the Mouseketeers still couldn’t rest.

Max Goof connected with Goof-Beard for a 16-yard TD and with his dad, Goofy Goof, on a 2-point conversion to make it 42-39 with 2:16 to go. Goof Troops onside kick was caught by Mouseketeers Mortimer “Morty” Fieldmouse, maybe the biggest of the day for a guy who had eight reception for 104 yards, and all that was left was for Mouseketeers to run out the clock.

With 22 seconds left the Mouseketeers sideline emptied onto the field, and the fans followed from the stands, joining in for a rousing rendition of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse “Hot Dog!” Song.

On Saturday, Goof Troops made quite a good case to be a team that will be able to take down the better half of the league.

Goof Troops is a great football team everyone saw that, they weren’t going to give up because that’s the way they’re built,” Oswald said.

Though that’s probably little solace for Goof Troops owner, Benjamin Goof, one of the original characters created by Walt Disney.

“We gave up too many big plays,” said Benjamin, who bit his lip and held back tears during his postgame news conference. “Those are mistakes in a game like this, in any game, that will get you beat.”

Goof Troops plowed in from a yard out on third-and-goal on the second play of the fourth quarter to cut the Mouseketeers lead to 35-31 after Mouseketeers fumbled the ball away at its own 9 with a high snap.

Only the Mouseketeers could stop the Mouseketeers on this day. Mouseketeers turned the ball over three times, but gouged Goof Troops defense. Jaq had a 52-yard touchdown run in the second quarter. Oswald broke one for 56 yards in the third to make it 35-24.

The anticipation for this showdown of friends had been building for more than a month, when it became apparent that the stadium would be built on time.

The offenses started fast, each scoring on its opening drive and doing it by going to the air. Goofy, who is most known for his “How-To” videos, showed he was legit with three receptions for 58 yards that helped set up Tank’s easy 1-yard TD run.

Mickey responded by going 9-for-11 for 68 yards, capping the drive with a 1-yard TD pass to Basil of Baker Street.

“I thought it would be a low-scoring game,” said Goof Troops star defensive end Amos Goofy. “It kind of shocked everybody.”

Mickey tacked on his second TD pass with a deep strike off play-action down the middle to Morty from 39 yards out to make it 21-7. For a moment, it looked as if the Mouseketeers were primed to pull away.

Will the Mouseketeers and Goof Troops play again in the Walt Disney Football Championship?

“That is really not up to us,” Morty said. “Today, it was just two really great teams giving it everything they could to win in honor of Mr. Walt Disney.”


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