Mickey Mouse accounts for 3 TDs as Mouseketeers romp Dark Dynasty

Mickey accounts for 3 TDs as Mouseketeers romp Dark Dynasty

Mickey Mouse teams with Oswald the Lucky Rabbit to lead Mouseketeers in rout


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Mickey Mouse threw for 222 yards and two touchdowns and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit rushed for 144 yards and two scores as the Mouseketeers blew out the Dark Dynasty for a 52-10 victory.

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After his Mouseketeers lost their last two games, Mouseketeers coach Captain Churchmouse asked every player on his team to turn in a paper on how they planned to deal with the adversity.

Mickey Mouse and the rest of the squad have aced the assignment so far. With the field of playoff seeds shrinking, the Mouseketeers were able to pile up the style points.

“I think that really helped because I ended up writing almost a page and a half,” Mickey said. “I had so many things going through my mind that I think it helped me out personally and I think it helped the team as well.”

Mickey completed 20-24 passes and rushed for 55 yards and a touchdown for the Mouseketeers, who are trying to ram their way back into the playoff picture.

“We still have a chance,” Churchmouse said. “That’s all we can ask.”

Big Bad Wolf had three catches for 81 yards for the Dark Dynasty, have now lost two straight and have stumbled out of first place in the Mickey Mouse Athletics football league.

The Dark Dynasty struggled in all areas, but nowhere more than their special teams game. Zantaf’s 10-yard punt just before halftime led to the Mouseketeer’s fourth touchdown of the half, and the Mouseketeers also scored off a blocked punt and had a 70-yard punt return Jaq.

After starting the season on a three-game winning streak and scoring 103 total points, the Mouseketeers lost two straight scoring 26 total points. But with this win, they are ready to make a run on winning the Mickey Mouse Athletics regular season championship just yet.

“We’re not playing around,” Jaq said. “You have to show them we’re coming in and taking something.”

Mortimer “Morty” Fieldmouse had six catches for 115 yards and a touchdown, as the Mouseketeers racked up 498 total yards.

The Mouseketeers battered Black Dynasty’s Mortimer Mouse all night, sacking him five times, intercepting him once and forcing two fumbles, including one that Gus returned 30 yards for a touchdown.

Mortimer Mouse was 9 for 20 for 162 yards.

The Black Dynasty trailed 31-10 at halftime, and a sparsely populated Disney villains section at Walt Disney Stadium was virtually empty by midway through the third quarter.

“I don’t think we had one area that we did well at all,” head coach Flintheart Glomgold said. “[The Mouseketeers] are the biggest reason for that.”

Playing with playoff aspirations to lose, Coach Glomgold promised to be aggressive against the Mouseketeers. After giving up a touchdown on the opening possession, the Dark Dynasty went right at them.

Mortimer completed a 35-yard pass to Big Bad Wolf on their first play and hit Emil Eagle for 32 yards two plays later to set up Taurus Bulba‘s 7-yard score to tie the game.

The Mouseketeers put together a 13-play drive for a touchdown and kicked a field goal to take a 10-point lead, then just continued to lean on the smaller, deflated Dark Dynasty team for the rest of the first half to gradually take control.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit rushed five times on a six-play drive late in the second quarter, the last a 10-yard burst around the corner for a 24-7 lead. He didn’t get a carry in the fourth quarter.

Zantaf‘s shank gave the Mouseketeers the ball at its 47 with 36 seconds to play in the first half. Mickey hit Morty for a 38-yard touchdown 12 seconds later, and it was all over.

“We want to come out and win, and I think we do a good job of staying with our game despite our circumstances,” Zantaf said, referring to the coaching change that stunned many on the team. “It’s a little frustrating. I think the best thing for us to do is just to kind of get outside of football for a second and just relax instead of getting uptight and everything. A good thing for us is just to relax and just focus on these last few games and winning.”

Team Mickey

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Idgit the Midget0000100140
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