Negaduck leads Black Magic over Aviators

Negaduck Touchdown completes rally as Panchito Pistoles INTs doom Aviators

Negaduck ran for 157 yards and scored on a 1-yard run with 3:18 to play, completing Black Magic’s rally from a 17-point deficit in the second half for a 24-20 win against Panchito Pistoles and the Aviators.


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Black Magic needs late rally to pick off Aviators

Negaduck ran for 157 yards and scored on a 1-yard run with 3:18 to play, completing Black Magic’s rally from a 17-point deficit in the second half for a 24-20 win against Panchito Pistoles and the Aviators.

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Trailing on the road against one of the best quarterbacks in the Mickey Mouse Athletics, the Black Magic escaped by doing what it does best: making big plays on defense and giving the ball to Negaduck.

The evil apparition of Disney’s Darkwing Duck ran for 157 yards and scored on a 1-yard run with 3:18 to play, and the Black Magic secondary made late interceptions to help the Black Magic rally from a 13-point deficit and beat the Aviators, 24-20.

Spectrus set up the winning score with his second interception of the day against Panchito Pistoles, and Elmo “Megavolt” Sputterspark’s pick put the Black Magic (3-0) in position to run out the clock on their third straight victory.

“We just had our focus on going out there and executing, and we played with a lot of heart and a lot of intensity and determination,” Negaduck said. “It’s big for this team to have a situation like that and persevere like that.”

The secondary, which featured various villains from Disney’s Darkwing Duck, DuckTales, House of Mouse, and The Lion King, had been surrounded by question marks leading up to a showdown with Pistoles, Mickey Mouse Athletic’s leading passer.

Panchito Pistoles put up 357 yards on 25 for 38 passing but it was the Black Magic’s defense — as usual — that came up with the big plays down the stretch.

Spectrus returned his second interception 33 yards to the Aviators 12, and John D. Rockerduck gave the ball to his evil-leading running back on three straight plays to get the go-ahead score.

“We’re going to finish,” said Spectrus, who had two interceptions on the night. “We’re never going to lie down and just let them beat us. We’re always going to play until that final whistle blows.”

The Black Magic was able to run out the final 1:48 after Pistoles threw his third interception, which came when Megavolt kept his feet in-bounds while reaching to catch Pistoles’ attempted throw-away on the right sideline. Black Magic faced fourth-and-inches in its own territory, but Gladstone Gander picked it up with a sneak with 54 seconds.

“If it takes this to be a champion, that’s what we’ve got to do,” Megavolt said.

That sent the Aviators (0-3) and its home crowd of 35,000 away in tears.

“We came out and competed extremely hard,” Aviators coach Howard Rockerduck said. “We did a good job in the first half of getting the lead and getting turnovers, and then we just couldn’t find a way to win it in the fourth quarter. We certainly had our chances.”

For a while, it looked like all those fans that set up an open nest outside the stadium would have something to celebrate.

But with its usual formula of defensive play-making and Negaduck’s tough running, the Black Magic made a chase for a potential Walt Disney Bowl football champion.

With Gladstone throwing multiple interceptions for the first time this year, the Black Magic leaned even more on Negaduck. He lined up in the wildcat on the first two plays after Spectrus’ pick, and bulled his way to the doorstep.

Then he closed the deal after taking a handoff from Gladstone. It was the second score of the day for Negaduck, who went 54 yards for a TD in the first quarter. He has 405 rushing yards, 113 receiving yards, and four total touchdowns through three games.

“My main goal is to go out there and make plays to put our team in the best position to win games,” Negaduck said, dismissing any talk of him pushing himself back into his former home, Negaverse.
“Everything else is secondary, and everything else will take care of itself.”

Pistoles, who said the Aviators never thought they could win before the game, provided reason to believe right off the bat in this one.

He corralled a high snap on Aviators’ first play and tossed a 31-yard pass to Yellow Beak, then followed with a 43-yard TD pass to Ellsworth, who had slipped out of the backfield uncovered. He shrugged off Spectrus’ tackle before making the final few steps into the end zone.

Spectrus said it was a matter of the secondary having never played in an “atmosphere like this.”

Negaduck responded with a 54-yard TD run, stiff-arming Jubal Pomp on his way into the end zone before putting his finger up to his mouth in a bid to silence the friendly-flying crowd.

The Aviators weren’t done making noise just yet.

Pistoles led the Aviators down for a touchdown in the final 2 minutes for the third straight half, sneaking in from 1 yard out to make it 17-7 at the half. Yellow Beak’s 48-yard field goal in the third put the Aviators up 20-7 before the Black Magic started fighting back.

Magica De Spell scored on a 20-yard screen pass from Gladstone in the final minute of the third quarter, and it took the Black Magic more than 8 minutes to drive for Goat Man’s 36-yard field goal with 6:01 to play.

Given the chance for any heroics, Pistoles instead was left sitting on the ground for a few moments to absorb Megavolt’s pick. He slowly walked back to the sideline and never got a chance to make up for the mistake.

“We lost. What’s a moral victory?” Pistoles said. “You know, people talk about that. What’s a moral victory? We lost. You’re not going to find anybody harder on me than myself.”


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