Ace London

ace london
Ace London
Wide Receiver, Defensive Back
Current Team
Football, Postseason
2018, 2017, 2016, 2015

Ace London is an expert pilot and wide receiver for the Rescue Rangers football team.

Ace London is an arrogant, yet highly-regarded gray wolf test pilot who went to school with Baloo and later became his rival in the Disney TV series TaleSpin. He appears in only one episode, “Mach One for the Gipper”.

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In that episode, Ace London makes fun of Baloo and his capabilities after winning a game of billiards against him. He then accidentally switches Baloo’s cargo of pickles with a top-secret jet engine, but instead of telling the truth when asked, he lies and says that Baloo did it.

Then Don Karnage tries to steal the engine, the true test of the two pilots begins. Unfortunately for Ace, not only do Baloo and Wildcat break the sound barrier instead of him, his lies are revealed and he is forced to deliver Baloo’s cargo. Extremely egotistical, he not only lies about Baloo, he also claims that Baloo resisted his orders to hand over the cargo and forced him and the pilots sent to assist him in landing, when in reality Baloo had no idea he had the wrong freight, and he himself fired on Baloo, who tried to return the engine and did not attack once.

Ace London is one of Baloo’s greatest rivals. Because of his expert flying skills, he works as a test pilot. His ego is huge and often behaves cockily as he speaks of himself as the ‘bravest, fastest, most handsome airman that ever streaked across mother nature’s blue roof’. He’s always admired by the public and usually responds that they ‘got that right’. Though he’s not infallible as he has a problem remembering things.

Ace London shows no fear. He doesn’t even hesitate to take back secret testing objects by using force on civilians. Being delegated to lower tasks weakens his confidence drastically.

Ace arrives, his heroic persona all but abandoned, shrieking that he’s the one who’s supposed to be famous, not Baloo, who stole the engine. Baloo presents his version of events, and, to Ace’s chagrin, Ace’s own pilots back Baloo up. General Patton is furious with Ace for misplacing top-secret property and shooting at civilians. Thanking Baloo for testing the engine, Patton asks if there is anything the military can do for him. Baloo says that he still has to deliver his cargo of pickles, but the Sea Duck was damaged in the escape. Patton winks and says he knows the perfect man for the job…

Ace is last seen behind the wheel of his fighter plane, which has Baloo’s crate of pickles lashed to the back and even breaks the fourth wall by saying his infamous catchphrase before sobbing. At the end of the episode, Ace has lost everything – his job as a test pilot, military, duty, his heroic reputation, and his place in the history books – and now has been reduced to a “lowly” cargo pilot.





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Self-proclaimed team captain and star wideout of the Rescue Rangers Football Team; one of Disney's most courageous and beloved chipmunks.
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