176-167 Babyface Beagle

Babyface Beagle
Babyface Beagle
Strong Safety, Running Back
Current Team
Prowling Bandits
Football, Postseason
2018, 2017, 2016, 2015

Athletic Profile: Babyface Beagle, Prowling Bandits, Running Back, Strong Safety.

Babyface Beagle is one of the seven recurring Beagle Boys featured in DuckTales. Designated with the placard number of 176-167, he is about as short as Big Time. He has a clean-shaven beard and dresses much like a little kid with a distinctive propeller hat, hence his name.

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Babyface Beagle is a short, plump Beagle Boy who wears a beanie with a propeller on it. His name comes from the fact he is cute and sweet-looking, being the only Beagle Boy without a five o'clock shadow. Babyface is, apparently, the demolitions expert; he always keeps plenty of dynamite handy.
His prison identification number is 176-167.

Babyface disappeared from the series after the "Super DuckTales" serial, but continued to occasionally appear in DuckTales comic book stories, most notably in the story "Webby's Field Trip" (published in the February 1993 issue of Disney Adventures). In that story, Babyface (who is drawn with a strangely different design) is sent by Big Time to infiltrate Webby Vanderquack's class under the guise of a new student named B.B., because Webby's class is taking a field trip to Scrooge's Money Bin later in the week. Babyface actually ends up becoming friends with Webby, eventually finding out that she suggested to Scrooge that her class take a field trip to his Money Bin. When Webby feels guilty about the Beagle Boys breaking in during the field trip, Babyface, feeling sorry for her, actually rebels against his brothers and helps Webby stop them. However, due to helping the Beagles in the first place, Babyface still goes to jail along with them, and it is unclear if his apparent reform was permanent.

As his name suggests, Babyface seems to be the youngest of the primary Beagles, as evidenced by the fact that his own clothing matches those of a baby, including a propellor beanie in place of the usual hat. Like Bigtime, he's also rather short. In spite of this, his voice, provided by Terry McGovern (who also voices Launchpad), sounds more manly than that of Burger. Strangely, one particular comic story in Disney Adventures prominently featured Babyface, wherein he infiltrated Webby's class. But he looked different from how he did on the show, and he also had a conscience, as he ended up rebelling against his brothers during a field trip to Scrooge's Money Bin. (He still ended up being arrested along with his brothers, though.)


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2017Prowling Bandits000000000000000000000
2016Prowling Bandits605.9226111.81341105.7146.7801421011814211421529139500
2015Prowling Bandits664.722286.5103888.46041.850115393128153915397211644310


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2017Prowling Bandits000000000000000000000
2016Prowling Bandits63.21238.0381000.00380383838660000
2015Prowling Bandits06.316101.010105.3421.021122012212212213130000

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