Basil of Baker Street

basil of baker street
Basil of Baker Street
Defensive Back, Linebacker, Tight End
Current Team
2015, 2016

Basil is the dauntless hero and title character in The Great Mouse Detective (1986).

Basil of Baker Street is a take off of the classic Sherlock Holmes character, modeling his career after the famous detective’s. Moody, dramatic, and a model of English snobbery, but brilliant, he lives in a flat below Holmes’s residence, and is a genius of mystery. Mice come from all over England for his assistance. When Dr. Dawson meets a lost and frightened Olivia Flaversham, desparately searching for Basil to help her locate her kidnapped father, he helps her find Baker Street. Before long, all three are involved in a maze of mystery and intrigue, looking for clues and realizing that all clues point to one person- Basil’s arch enemy, the nefarious Professor Ratigan. Quick on his feet and in his mind, Basil and Dawson are able to track down Ratigan’s hideout when Olivia is kidnapped as well.

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Basil’s keen and penetrating mind save the day when, after a near coup of the English royaly and a fierce, animalistic battle on Big Ben, he reunites Olivia with her father, and saves England, with only a few scratches and a smile on his face. At the end, he and Dawson become partners.


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