Ben Ali Gator

ben ali gator
Quarterback, Strong Safety
Current Team
Wild Mavericks
2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Athletic Profile: Ben Ali Gator, Wild Mavericks, Quarterback, Strong Safety.

Ben Ali Gator is a character from the 1940 feature film Fantasia. He is an alligator who appears in the segment Dance of the Hours. He and his cronies symbolize the somber hours of the night.

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The Alligators are Ben Ali Gator’s dancers from Disney’s Fantasia.

In the segment Dance of the Hours, Ben Ali Gator takes the role of Enzo Grimaldo, a Genoese prince. He is also the leader of the Dancers of the Night. This is deduced by the fact that he meets and falls in love with Hyacinth Hippo (who symbolizes Laura Adorno), and furthermore the flinging aside of his cape (symbolizing Enzo flinging aside his disguise upon discovery of Laura’s body).

Ben Ali Gator, the noble and courteous dancing alligator, is known from his appearance as Hyacinth Hippo’s amorous partner in the 1940 Walt Disney film, Fantasia. He wears a cap with a feather to distinguish him from his rival alligators and throws aside his red cape in a flair of dramatic intensity.

A jaunty red cap with an attached burgundy feather sits atop his head. Gleaming white fangs are exposed in his mouth, opened in awestruck adoration as he gazes at his love, Hyacinth Hippo. Clutching his heart in reverie, Ben Ali Gator is the epitome of smitten love.

Fun Facts about Ben Ali Gator:

He is the first crocodilians character in a Disney film to be friendly in nature, the second being Stan and Carmine from Disney’s The Wild, the third being Louis from The Princess and the Frog.

Though he is named Ben “Ali Gator” and therefore his name indicates that he’s a alligator, he looks more like a crocodile. He has the narrow snout, green coloring, and bottom teeth sticking out when his mouth is closed.


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