brigitta macbridge
Tight End, Offensive Lineman, Defensive Lineman, Center
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Football, Postseason
2018, 2017, 2016, 2015

Brigitta MacBridge is a member of the Diamond Ducks football team and a lover of Quack Pack coach Scrooge McDuck.

Brigitta MacBridge is a clever and resourceful businesswoman from the Disney town of Duckburg. But even with all of her success, she has one weakness: a heartsick craze with Scrooge McDuck, which started when she first set eyes on him in 1898 in the Klondike. Scrooge never felt the same way about Brigitta due to his love for MacBridge’s teammate Goldie O’Gilt and him publicly stating that he does not have any interest in getting married. Along with Brigitte’s absurd purchases and waste of cash compared to Scrooge’s money stinginess make a relationship between them impracticable.

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However, Brigitta has never gave up and keeps coming up with new schemes and marketing ideas destined to merge the Diamonds Ducks and Quack Pack football teams in order to get closer to Scrooge.

Often Aviators nose-tackle, Jubal Pomp, helps her to get Scrooge’s attention by setting up sometimes successful businesses to rival his. A movement that both Brigitta and Pomp have seldom used to get under Scrooge’s feathers.

“The Last Balaboo”

In her 1960 debut story, “The Last Balaboo”, it was revealed Brigitta had been chasing Scrooge since 1928. Though he tried to void off her advances by giving her a hat made of a balaboo, it would not stop her love for him.

“The Secret of Success”

Brigitta’s next appearance came in “The Secret of Success” (1961). Brigitta began invading Scrooge’s mansion and volunteering to make his life less stressful and costly. Despite Scrooge’s opposition, the determined businesswoman actively shadowed him and demonstrated various labor saving techniques. Once again, Scrooge furiously protested, but before the story’s end, he would battle a criminal to keep Brigitta safe from danger.

Other Appearances:

Additional stories since then have shown Scrooge’s questionable feelings for MacBridge. In “One With the Wind” (1979), Scrooge impersonated Rhett Butler to win a film studio’s sweepstakes, only to find Brigitta all too pleased to be his Scarlett. In “Witness Persecution” (1964), Scrooge believed that marrying Brigitta would backhandedly save him millions of dollars, so actually tried to convince himself that he could learn to live with her.

In “Brother From Another Earth” (1995), Scrooge discovered a parallel world that had diverged from our own a decade earlier. In this alternate Earth, Scrooge’s local alter ego had become less miserly due to events beyond his control, and so had married Brigitta, no longer put off by her own spendiness. Taking “Scrooge-B”’s place on this other Earth for awhile, our own Scrooge actually got used to being hitched to MacBridge, even going as far as to ask our world’s Brigitta out after returning home.

Fast Facts:

  • Birgitta was created by Italian Disney writer/artist Romano Scarpa as a significant lover for Quack Pack’s Coach McDuck
  • Scrooge’s creator, Carl Barks, liked the character so much that he sent Romano Scarpa a sketch of Brigitta using a money-scented perfume to woo Scrooge.
  • In one story, Scrooge nearly married Brigitta in order to obtain some of her land, but that was his sole intent and there was no romantic sentiment on his part.





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