Wide Receiver, Offensive Lineman, Middle Linebacker
Current Team
Bow-Tique Bow-Dazzlers
Past Teams
2018, 2017, 2016, 2015

Athletic Profile: Clarice, Bow-Tique Bow-Dazzlers, Wide Receiver, Offensive Lineman, Middle Linebacker.

Clarice is a member of the Bow-Tique Bow-Dazzlers and a current love interest of both Chip and Dale. Both feel in love with her debut in the cartoon Two Chips and a Miss which sadly turned out to be her only animation appearance.

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Despite her magnificent performance against the Wild Mavericks where she caught four touchdowns, including three in the first half, Clarice still works and sings at the Acorn Club. Regardless of football, she is a lovely chipmunk and gifted singer. For these reasons, Chip and Dale have been in love with her from the instant she smiled at them. Prominently, Clarice is the reason for the only time Chip and Dale have ever worked against each other.

Outside of Mickey Mouse Athletics, Clarice made her live appearance at Disneyland in 1955. Presently she doesn’t appear in the United States, but she can be found at Disneyland Paris and Tokyo Disney Resort. At Tokyo Disneyland, she is prominently featured in Nightfall Glow where she speaks English in a Disney park for the first time. At Tokyo DisneySea, she appears in the finale of Fantasmic! and the Easter in New York shows for Mickey & Duffy’s Spring Voyage to mark the coming of springtime. At Disneyland Paris Resort, Clarice had a role in the Halloween shows, Captain Mickey and the Pumpkin Pirates and Merlin and the Witch Academy.


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About Minnie

Minnie Mouse is sweet, stylish, and enjoys dancing and singing. She especially loves to spend time with her lifelong sweetheart, Mickey.

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