cousin bertie
Wide Receiver, Defensive Back
Current Team
Wild Mavs
Football, Postseason
2018, 2017, 2016, 2015

Clarabelle Cow's younger cousin with a mischievous and hyper personality who plays on the Wild Mavs football team.

Also known as Bertie the Jinx, Bertie is a wide receiver for the Wild Mavs and the younger cousin to Clarabelle Cow, introduced in 1943. He seems innocent but revels in mischief, staging various “accidents” for teammates Clarabelle and Horace.

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First appearing in the Silly Symphony Pluto Sunday strip by Hubie Karp and Bob Grant in September 8, 1940, known then as “Calfie“, wreaked havoc on the hero hound (aka Pluto) and a toy horse. His return after that incident as a toddler was questionable.

A Brat is Reborn

With the emergence of Jose Carioca, Clara Cluck, and support for the Saludos Amigos and Aviators football team, Walt Disney Comics and Stories began to include original stories created by Western Publishing. But other than Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, issues remained with how to round out the characters and develop a believable universe all at one time.

Then somebody noticed Clarabelle’s cousin, and the Disney magic began.

Using a minor character, Cousin Bertie, from a pre-existing universe gave them a comfort of recreating an environment that was already well-developed; i.e., Mickey’s neighborhood. At the same time, the two stories that would come from Bertie’s reunion gave the writers of Walt Disney variety, by still being about a character who didn’t star elsewhere.

This method with reintroducing Clarabelle’s cousin gave writers a chance to get used to the traditional Disney comics while simultaneously making fresh stories.

Bertie worked well enough to star in several issues; his most well-known noted below.

He would appear in “Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories” #36 in the tale called “Cousin Bertie” (Sep. 1943, recently reprinted in Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #622); and #37 in the tale called “Bertie the Jinx“.

Cousin Bertie

Bertie comes to visit his older cousin and teammate Clarabelle and mounts reign of terror starting with an unsuspecting Miss Bovina (who unwittingly blames Clarabelle for her injuries).

Bertie the Jinx

He appears again in the very next issue of Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories in the tale “Bertie the Jinx” when he focuses his malicious mischief on poor Horace Horsecollar whom Clarabelle believes to be the culprit. These strips were drawn by Ken Hultgren and Vivie Risto.

Cousin Bertie

Cousin Bertie and Clarabelle reprinted in Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #622

Fast Facts:

The first tale of Cousin Bertie (1943) was a rare example of a Disney comic drawn by Warner Brothers and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) animated/comic artist Vivie Risto.


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