Wide Receiver, Cornerback
Current Team
2018, 2017, 2016, 2015

Athletic Profile: Ellsworth, Aviators, Cornerback, Wide Receiver.

Ellsworth is a wide receiver and cornerback for the Aviators football team. Before the 2015 season began, he spent most of his life as Goofy’s talking and mischievous pet crow.

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Ellsworth was born on October 30th, 1949 and became a mischievous little hustler. Long before Mickey Mouse Athletics league was established, Ellsworth was acquired by Goofy from a pet store.

Ellsworth’s presence in Mickey Mouse Athletics League is fairly unique since, by normal reckoning, he does not fit the typical prototype of a football player. But throughout the 2015 season, he seems to have evolved into a more independent athlete, more relaxed, yet retaining many leadership qualities, he has helped Aviators quarterback, Panchito Pistoles, call audibles from his every down wide receiver position. Additionally, his¬†ability to interact and converse naturally with both league officials and other teams around the league have helped him make up for his earlier days as a mischievous individual to be around.

He graduated from Yale University, but did not play for one of the oldest football programs in the world.¬†He did try out in the spring of 1949, but was overlooked due to his lack of size and his owner’s relationship with other football programs (Taxidermy Techand Anthropology A&M).

Ellsworth vaguely explains where he has been for such a long time, which turns out to be involved with various swindles like the selling of bottled “Balsamic Mountain Air” until the Hygiene Bureau learned of it, etc.

Not knowing that they would be eventually opponents, Goofy bailed Ellsworth out of jail for the crime of vagrancy, having been caught sleeping on a park bench. Soon after that, Ellsworth was caught doing other unlawful things in a fair number of incidents until 1966. Then in October 1969, again in May 1971, and finally in January 1972. No explanations were given concerning his charges and punishment for the past three decades of being a nuisance.

Finally, 13 years after silence, Ellsworth arrived at Disneyland Resort, explaining he had joined the Foreign Legion in the Sahara desert.
On December 28th, 1975, Ellsworth’s live would change forever.

Ellsworth was battling with one regiment of birds against another. A bird from the enemy camp was captured and pleaded for help from Ellsworth claiming his “son” was hiddened nearby and that if he was unable to return, his son will be left an orphan. Ellsworth checks out the prisoner’s claim and indeed finds a fledgling among the rocks. Now believing the prisoner he takes pity and secretly releases the prisoner.

However, he soon discovered that the prisoner lied, and the young bird he found was in fact, already an orphan, and was simply used as a matter of deceit. Feeling sorry for the young bird, Ellsworth adopts him, naming him Bruto.

Under Ellsworth’s guidance Bruto grows up in Goofy’s house and learns to be very much like his adoptive father, though not nearly as mischievous. Bruto soon befriends Mickey, and becomes an adventuring sidekick for him; as well as Horace Horsecollar and Goofy.

Initially, the game plan was for Bruto to live with Mickey Mouse and house-sit while the Mouseketeers were playing their away games. But because Bruto and Ellsworth were rarely seen together, the development of the Aviators football team seemed like the perfect opportunity for some father and son time.

Fun Facts: The main differences between Ellsworth and Bruto, physically, are that Bruto is slightly smaller and wears a baseball cap (instead of a barret like Ellsworth does), and that Bruto usually wears pants, while Ellsworth does not. Also Bruto’s beak tends to be more pointed and shorter than Ellsworth’s. It is not clear, however, if they are both suppose to represent the same species of bird.

According to the book “The Mickey Mouse Club Scrapbook” (1977) he is a mynah bird, and was originally scheduled to have been a costumed character on that TV series.

There are no other birds in the Mickey Mouse Athletics football league with a relationship comparable to Ellsworth and Bruto.



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