Fethry Duck

fethry duck donald cousin
Fethry Duck
Defensive Back, Kicker, Wide Receiver
Current Team
Quack Pack

Fethry Duck is the slightly mixed-up, extremely eccentric cousin of Donald Duck and a regular supporting character in the Donald Duck comics. Fethry often unwittingly annoys others via his peculiar vision on the world.

Quite notably, Fethry has never made an animated appearance.

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Fun Facts:

Kinney and Hubbard created this character to be a beatnik (meaning “a person who rejects or avoids conventional behavior”) member of the Duck family.
Fethry wears different colors of the same sweater depending on which country the story is published in (ex: in Brazil, his sweater is generally yellow; in the Italian comics, he usually wears a red one; and, in the comic books of Egmont Publishing, the traditional color of his sweater is pink).
It is revealed in The Health Nut that Fethry wears a stocking cap because he was convinced by a self-help book author that one’s head is healthier when it’s kept hot.


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About Donald Duck

Donald Duck might be quick-tempered when things don’t go his way, but he has a heart of gold and is very devoted to his friends.