Garvey Gull

Garvey Gull
Garvey Gull
Running Back, Outside Linebacker
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Football, Postseason
2018, 2017, 2016, 2015

Garvey Gull, also known as Sonny Seagull to his European fan base, is a member of the Aviators football team and mischievous orphan friend to Donald Duck’s three nephews.

Garvey Gull, also known as Sonny Seagull to his European fan base, is a member of the Aviators football team and character in Walt Disney’s Donald Duck comics. Though Donald Duck has never thought much of him as an athlete, his three nephews remain close friends to the mischievous orphan.

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Despite Donald’s initial impressions, the Quack Pack football team wanted to sign Garvey but didn’t have any roster spots available. No other teams in the league would sign him due to his size and lack the of physicality. In addition to living a carefree life free from societal norms or rules, Garvey’s prior incidents with Donald made it harder for the any team to fully commit to his unconventional ways. Eventually the Aviators signed him to a special teams role where he would help them reach Walt Disney Bowl II.

Free Spirit (1996)

In his first comic book appearance, Sonny broke one of Donald Duck‘s windows while throwing mud with Huey, Dewey, and Louie. The three nephews were then placed under house arrest for two years while the mischievous little gull ran away. Somehow they end up escaping to Sonny’s make-shift home at the train station, where Donald eventually finds them.

Garvey Gull runs away with Donald's nephews

Donald’s nephews running away with Garvey Gull

Healthy Choice (2002)

Though the story tells of how Donald sells Gyro Gearloose’s invention that kills head cold, it was the first time that Sonny was referred to as Garvey Gull.

The Debate: Garvey Gull vs. Sonny Seagull

According to David Gerstein at Gemstone Publishing, “Sonny Seagull” was changed to “Garvey Gull” in American comics for a multiple reasons. When read aloud, Sonny suggests a happy and sweet character with a “sunny” personality; which rebuts the playfully mischievous little orphan that he actually is.

Additionally, “Sonny” is considered in North America as a slang term to call a child that you do not previously know.

By contrast, “Garvey Gull is a tougher-sounding, somewhat shorter name that can’t be mistaken for anything but a name.

In publications, Egmont uses “Sonny Seagull” and Gemstone uses “Garvey Gull”.

Fun Facts:

Garvey Gull (aka Sonny Seagull) was designed by artist Daniel Branca (aka “The Carl Barks of the Pampas“) with compatriot, Wanda Gattino, helping during larger roles, along with Paul Halas and Charlie Martin writing the scripts.





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