Goat Man

Goat Man
Goat Man
Tight End, Kicker, Defensive End
Current Team
Black Magic
2018, 2017, 2016, 2015

Star kicker and tight end of Black Magic with a one-shot appearance in the House of Mouse.

Goat Man is a kicker for the Black Magic football team. Though his black-and-white-colored appearance seems lame, Goat Man has converted 83{931e54a9a2ce4f1480773bc35f450b8328a911622b93b3e16dba785acb63a2da} of his field goals with a career long of 51 yards in Week 2 of the 2015 season.

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Mickey Mouse and The Goat Man

At the Hyperion Vaudeville Show, Black Magic quarterback Mortimer Mouse headlines the show, with Mouseketeer quarterback Mickey Mouse as "the world's happiest sidekick."

Having never been put in the position to play second team offense, Mickey tells Mortimer of his unhappiness and plans to quit.

The two bicker behind the scenes, before going on to perform a vaudeville with lots of silly dancing and Mortimer throwing pies at Mickey’s face. With a lousy performance and displeased audience, the two are thrown out of the theatre.

Mortimer and Mickey decide to go on to Alaska, hoping to find a new venue to perform. On the way, they stop to pick up Bow-Dazzlers quarterback Minnie Mouse hitchhiking to Hollywood. Unfortunately, Mortimer deceitfully abandons Mickey on the side of the road, speeding away with Minnie.

After walking for hours, Mickey ends up in the middle of nowhere until a goat driving a van cruises up.

House of Mouse, Mickey and The Goat Man

Goat Man is the main antagonist of the House of Mouse short, "Mickey and the Goat Man".

With no other options, Mickey hitched a ride only to find out that Mortimer and Minnie are in back. Minnie and Mickey get it along very well, while Mortimer's slimy attitude causes Minnie to punch him out.

Goat Man arrives at his disproportionate home, where he forces Mickey and Mortimer to perform for him. Minnie tells Mickey to perform badly for the goat man. Mortimer performs well, while Mickey keeps messing up. This makes the goat man insist that Mortimer stay to perform, while Minnie and Mickey are free to go.


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