Goldie “Glittering” O’Gilt

goldie glittering ogilt
Goldie “Glittering” O’Gilt
Defensive Lineman, Offensive Lineman, Tight End
Current Team

Glittering Goldie is Scrooge’s secret sweetheart. Originally a music hall singer in Dawson, she also was the owner of a wild bear called Blackjack trained to attack “prowlers” close to Klondike.

“Back to the Klondike”

In a flashback sequence, Scrooge caught Goldie in an attempt to rob him of his recent gold poke and was forced to repay the debt by helping him work at his claim at White Agony Creek. Some 50 years later, they meet again and when hearing about how lonely and poor Goldie was in Yukon, Scrooge surprisingly grew a soft heart and helped Goldie out in getting a position with the Diamond Ducks.

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SS Glitter O'Gold
In 1949, Donald Duck and his nephews raised a sunken yacht by filling it with ping pong balls through a tube. This yacht was owned by Scrooge McDuck who had named it after Glittering Goldie.

The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck, Last Sled to Dawson

Scrooge and Goldie fell in love with each other but never revealed their feelings of affection to one another due to Mickey Mouse Athletics conflict of interest in sponsor and player relationships. Eventually, they drifted apart as Scrooge traveled the league and became a “spokesduck” for Mickey Mouse Athletics, while Goldie remained with the Diamond Ducks.


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