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Gosalyn Waddlemeyer-Mallard is Darkwing Duck’s adopted daughter and the deuteragonist of the TV pilot “Darkly Dawns the Duck”, and a supporting character in the TV series.

In the first cliffhanger, Gosalyn starts out as spirited, caring, brave, pushy, spunky, and tomboyish. In the second cliffhanger, her personality has become sassy and sarcastic, and she gets very jealous of her father getting to go on adventures all the time. In the overall TV show, she is reduced to being mischievous, loud, inconsiderate, and rebellious.

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Gosalyn was the orphaned granddaughter of Professor Waddlemeyer, a brilliant scientist. She would later become a ward of the court, and was placed in an orphanage. After coming into contact with Darkwing Duck, they grew close, and he chose to adopt her, returning to the civilian identity he had previously left behind. Gosalyn is a tomboyish girl, and very energetic and spunky. Darkwing has stated that caring for her is more difficult than fighting evil, and his greatest fear is Gosalyn getting hurt. She has a desire to become either Darkwing’s sidekick, or a hero in her own right. To this extent she would develop two superhero identities, the Crimson Quackette, and later, Quiverwing Quack. Her best friend is Honker Muddlefoot, who is aware of the true identity of Gosalyn’s father.

According to an interview with the show’s creator, Tad Stones, Gosalyn was partly based on what he believed his then two-year-old daughter would be like when she grew older.


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