Grand Mogul

Grand Mogul
Grand Mogul
Running Back, Inside Linebacker
Past Teams
Quack Pack

Grand Mogul is a former member of the Quack Pack football team and adult chief of the Junior Woodchucks.

The Grand Mogul (full name revealed as Philodemus Gentlefogg and Bertie McGoose) is the most frequently seen adult chief of the Junior Woodchucks. Despite other chiefs being depicted as dogfaces, the Grand Mogul has a bill. A running gag about the character is that "Mogul" (or another one of his titles) is an acronym with a different meaning each time

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Grand Mogul is an anthropomorphic tall duck with a big chest who appears in stories of the Vic Lockman, not by Barks, and its title refers to the rescue of a dognose leader.


Fun Facts:

  • In the Junior Woodchucks comic Let Sleeping Bones Lie (written by Carl Barks), the Grand Mogul is fully named Philodemus Gentlefogg.
  • While it is likely that the Grand Mogul is a Goose (due to his full name being specified as Bertie McGoose in Italian Disney comics), it is unkown to which species he belongs.
  • In the classic Disney comic The Hound of the Whiskervilles (first published in 1960), Scrooge briefly refers to a group of clansmen as members of the "Clan McGoose".


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