hyacinth hippo
Tight End, Nose Tackle, Defensive Lineman
Current Team
Wild Mavericks
Football, Postseason
2018, 2017, 2016, 2015

Athletic Profile: Hyacinth Hippo, Wild Mavericks, Tight End, Defensive Lineman, Nose Tackle.

Hyacinth Hippo first appears coming out of a fountain and eats the grapes the Ostriches had been fighting over. She dries herself up by shaking. After she dances with her friends, she gets tired and falls asleep. She continues to sleep (oblivious to any and all floating bubbles and other large animals) until she is woken by Ben Ali Gator. At first she is scared and bashful, but over the course of a minute of dancing she falls in love with him. She is the only hippo to wear yellow with a brown complexion. Voiced by Tress MacNeille, Hyacinth Hippo makes two cameo appearances in Who Framed Roger Rabbit as one of the toons. She also makes a cameo appearance in “Disney’s Bonkers” in Season 2; Episode 32, “Cartoon Cornered”, having a small dance with Sergeant Grating followed by his enemy who tears her tutu off his waist. She is featured in Disney World and Disneyland as a pink hippo with a tutu, a pair of ballet slippers and a bow colored blue. Her name is never mentioned in the program but is said by Minnie Mouse in House of Mouse.

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The Hippopotamus servants are Hyacinth Hippo’s maids and all wear pink (Taylor described the hippos as being “dressed to represent the brilliant light of noon day”). They dance during the afternoon. After she wakes, they help her into her ballerina dress. When she falls asleep they help her get onto a bed, then they leave the stage. In the final scene they are found by the Alligators and forced to dance. The Hippopotami have a cameo appearance in Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas, in which they try to help Daisy Duck be the champion in ice skating. At the climax they ice skate with the Alligators.


2018Wild Mavericks0000000000000000
2017Wild Mavericks0000000000000000
2016Wild Mavericks4811.05550.5606606851606606669731400
2015Wild Mavericks1814.33642.8513513343513513538128200



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