Idgit the Midget

Idgit the Midget
Idgit the Midget
Running Back, Defensive Back
Past Teams
Dark Dynasty

Athletic Profile: Idget the Midget, Dark Dynasty, Running Back, Defensive Back.

Little one is not a pleasant gentleman. He takes it not that accurate with the letter of the law and ensures that he regularly gets to stick with Mickey Mouse. The sordid affairs which he and his mate Dolle Daan intent, are invariably thwarted by this insightful detective.

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Little one join for the first time in the story The Oemba Loemba treasure that appears in the US journal Disney Walt Disney's Comics and Stories in 1966. In this adventure leave Mickey, Minnie and Goofy together with their old friend Captain Church Mouse and his compass gorilla Spokie to Africa to find a hidden treasure.

Shorty is what sneakier.

A funny detail is that this first story is an operation of a much older comic, namely Mickey Mouse newspaper comic strip The Treasure of Captain Hazzard in 1937. In this story, the villains Pete and Eli Gluip, but the version of the comic are these figures replaced by Dolle Daan and Shorty.

In the years thereafter, Dolle Daan and little one in the back with their crooks practices. For their nefarious plans the two have regularly disguise. Due to its length remains the best disguise for Shorty always a baby costume!

In the 70s, Shorty also appeared as a regular in Donald Duck, only he listened then to the name Timmie Teen. His original English name is Idgit the Midget.


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