Jose Carioca

Jose Carioca
Jose Carioca
Wide Receiver, Running Back, Defensive Back
Current Team
2018, 2017, 2016, 2015

Athletic Profile: Jose Carioca, Aviators, Defensive Back, Running Back, Wide Receiver.

Jose Carioca is a Brazilian parrot from the second most populous municipality in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro.

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He is suave, cool and good under pressure. Often portrayed as a ladies’ man and very fun, he enjoys festivals and his best friends Donald and Panchito.

Jose Carioca is very popular in his home country, Brazil, having had his own comic book since 1961 with over 1800 issues so far. He is mostly referred to as Ze Carioca; Zé being a common nickname for Jose in Brazil.

Jose's first name was inspired by José Carlos de Britto e Cunha. He was Brazil's most popular editorial cartoonist by that time, and had died in the 1950's. When Walt Disney came to Latin America on his "good-will" mission he visited several countries and gave credit to some of the local artists like Molina Campos.

Though some people say that Disney's inspiration for the Ze Carioca concept came from a J. Carlos drawing of a parrot, he is not mentioned. If this is true, then the name "Jose" may have had a double inspiration from both the illustrator named Jose Carlos, and his film vocalist, Jose Oliveira.

His last name, Carioca, is a Brazilian word used to describe a native of Rio de Janeiro.

After his appearance in the films "Saludos Amigos" and "The Three Caballeros" an American newspaper strip was chronicling his further adventures in the late 1940s to the mid 1950s. After that some of these tales were reprinted in Walt Disney's Comics & Stories, but since then Jose has virtually disappeared from America. Jose and Panchito were created by the Walt Disney Studios in a gesture of friendship between North America and Latin America and, particularly in Brazil, José went on to become a very prominent cultural icon.

Where Jose Carioca's Career Began

Brazilian comics began featuring Jose (Ze for short), starting in March 1, 1960 with "A Volta de Zé Carioca" ("The Return of Ze Carioca"). The story begins with Jose Carioca in a plane returning to Rio de Janeiro. He has supposedly spent the past decade in Hollywood as a famous film star and felt it was time to return home. However, locals mark him as an imposer and he learns the second most populous municipality in Brazil is celebrating the world famous festivalRio Carnaval Carioca; a Brazilian strong tradition dating back to 1723. He enters a masquerade contest to win the cash prize because he is now starving, but finishes in last place as a Ze Carioca impersonator.

The Disney Magic arrives with American tourists, among who are many of his friends: Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Mickey Mouse, Scrooge McDuck, and Minnie Mouse. They recognize him but no one wants to hire him as a tour guide. Soon he spots a group comprised of the several Beagle Boys from the Prowling Bandits and Dark Dynasty starting wide receiver, Big Bad Wolf. He discovers that the crooks' plan is to capture all the players before the 2015 Mickey Mouse Athletics football playoffs start so the other teams would have to forfeit.

They succeed in kidnapping over half the offensive league leaders and hide them inside a float participating in the parade at the Sambadrome (“Sambadrone Marques de Sapucai”). Nobody believes Jose when he tells the police, because everybody still believes he is a fake. Finally Jose shows the people of Rio de Janerio his player profile for the Aviators football team on the Mickey Mouse Athletics website. After that everybody finally believes him and the Mickey Mouse Athletics’ players are found before the last week of the 2015 regular season.



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