Kat Nipp

Kat Nipp
Linebacker, Tight End
Current Team
2015, 2016

Kat Nipp a mischievous player of the Catamounts football team. He is an often-impaired backwoods tough cat who has always been a violent rival of Mickey Mouse.

Although he respects the new Pete as a family man, he still hopes for a flashback to the days of Black Pete to happen.

Outside of Mickey Mouse Athletics, Nipp was introduced in the 1929 animated short The Opry House, in which he acted as a snake for a snake-charming routine—continuing to smoke his pipe all the while. Nipp’s other two appearances in animation also came in 1929, with When the Cat’s Away and The Karnival Kid. The latter introduced the intensity of Kat and Mickey’s rivalry with Nipp’s habit of physically harming Mickey, here by stretching out Mickey’s nose to a ridiculous length.

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Their rivalry continued in 1931, known by the newspaper headline, “Mickey Mouse vs. Kat Nipp”. When Mickey started meddling near Kat Nipp’s residence, Kat Nipp retaliated by constantly putting Mickey’s tail in knots. Afterwards, Mickey vowed to not untie any of the knots until he got even with Kat Nipp.

But other than a few incidents in Britain for the Mickey Mouse Annual, the rivalry and Kat Nipp quickly faded away until Pete invited him to use that aggression on the football field.

Fun Fact: The rivalry between Kat Nipp and Mickey hasn’t escalated to the point of concern up to this point in the season.


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