Launchpad McQuack

Launchpad McQuack
Launchpad McQuack
Running Back, Middle Linebacker
Current Team
Quack Pack
2018, 2017, 2016, 2015

Athletic Profile: Launchpad McQuack, Quack Pack, Running Back, Middle Linebacker.

Launchpad McQuack, Aviation Adviser - Launchpad is Scrooge's personal pilot. His dashing self-confidence and gung-ho attitude give him a gift with any vehicle from a Martian space fighter to a Mongolian shopping cart. Launchpad's many flying records include Most Crashes per Year, Shortest Flight on Record, and Most Barns Stormed. He was recently awarded the prestigious "Cooked Goose" trophy, presented to "the flyer most likely to use his parachute."

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Launchpad McQuack is a pilot introduced in Disney's 1987-90 television series DuckTales and later featured in its 1991-92 spin-off Darkwing Duck. He works for Scrooge McDuck as his pilot and later became Darkwing Duck's sidekick, first as such in the series' two-part pilot "Darkly Dawns the Duck". He is also a scoutmaster of the Junior Woodchucks with Huey, Dewey, Louie, Webby and Doofus Drake. He also has a remarkable and uncanny ability to almost always crash-land his planes.

Launchpad has a kind nature, but when his friends are threatened or in trouble, he can and will stand up for himself and those close to him. At times, he can be clumsy, but usually, his clumsiness pays off and enables him to (inadvertently) save the day.


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Donald Duck might be quick-tempered when things don’t go his way, but he has a heart of gold and is very devoted to his friends.
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