Monterey Jack

monterey jack
Inside Linebacker, Tight End
Current Team
Rescue Rangers
Postseason, Football
2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Athletic Profile: Monterey Jack, Rescue Rangers, Tight End, Inside Linebacker.

Monterey Jack,¬†known as “Monty” to his friends and called “Cheeser” by his mother, is an adventure-loving, red-haired and luxuriantly mustachioed Australian mouse who spent years traveling the world before a chance meeting with Chip and Dale during their first case. After Fat Cat destroyed his home, Monty and his sidekick Zipper decided to join the group in their detective work. Stronger and larger than the others, Monty can be quick to anger if he, or his friends, had been offended. This trait sometimes leaves him ready to do battle with a much larger opponent, and the others having to calm him down. Monty has an overpowering addiction to cheese, and the sight or smell of cheese causes him to be almost hypnotically drawn to it in a mustache-twisting, spiraling-eyed “cheese attack”. Monty loves to tell stories of his travels, even if the others often stop his reminiscing, and he often uses colorful “pseudo-Australians” while talking, such as “Strike me starkers.” ¬†Monty is most frequently found in the company of either Zipper or Dale, whose fun-loving nature matches his own. He also seems to consider Gadget to be something of a surrogate daughter, most likely due to his long friendship with her late father. Due to his traveling experience, Monty often handles the traveling arrangements for the group.

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Fun Facts:

Monterey Jack is the only Rescue Ranger known to have two living parents, Cheddarhead Charlie and Camembert Kate, who are also travelers.

Also, names of his entire family, including his own, have references to various types of cheese.


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2016Rescue Rangers613101101110569640200
2017Rescue Rangers000000000000
2018Rescue Rangers000000000000


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2016Rescue Rangers000000000000
2017Rescue Rangers000000000000
2018Rescue Rangers000000000000

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About Dale Chipmunk

Self-proclaimed team captain and star wideout of the Rescue Rangers Football Team; one of Disney's most courageous and beloved chipmunks.

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