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Ortensia is the anthropomorphic cat wife of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Ortensia appeared in the Oswald shorts starting with The Banker’s Daughter, replacing Oswald’s former love interest, a much more feminine and sultry rabbit named Fanny in production materials. Ortensia’s original name during the production of the Oswald shorts was Sadie (as referenced in the title of the animated short: Sagebrush Sadie). However, the names for Oswald’s love interests were never widely publicized, which is likely the reason she was given a new name in Epic Mickey, following the alliteration pattern of Mickey and Minnie’s mirrored relationship. As can be seen in her character design, she was very much a precursor to Minnie Mouse. Often in the original Oswald shorts, Oswald would compete with Pete for her affection. She also appeared in Oswald shorts produced by Charles Mintz and later Walter Lantz. In the Lantz shorts, she was called “Kitty.” To add some confusion, copyright synopses of some Mintz and Lantz shorts erroneously refer to Ortensia/Kitty as Fanny.

Physical appearance
Ortensia’s trademark outfit is a frilly light pink skirt with white bloomers under, and a matching hat. It usually varies, since it can be fuschia, purple or gold too.

Ortensia tends to show a poetic, romantic, and dreamy personality. She spends every moment on Oswald and is very considerate. With her love for him so strong, she will do anything no matter how crazy or dangerous. When in poetry mode, she tends to sing deep in a jazzy tone.

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Ortensia is also very gullible at times, but also street smart to be aware when things aren’t going right.

Ortensia adores her baby brother, Homer and is usually oblivious to his naughtiness and pranks on Oswald.

She is very defensive to those who try to mess with Oswald, Homer, her friends, family, and herself.


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