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oswald the lucky rabbit
Running Back, Strong Safety
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2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Athletic Profile: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Mouseketeers, Running Back, Strong Safety.

Before becoming a member of the Mouseketeers football team, Oswald The Lucky Rabbit was a spunky and mischievous character who starred in a series of 26 animated black and white silent shorts between 1927 and 1928. All of these were shown in major theaters with first-run movies.

Did You Know?

Oswald was the first Disney character to generate merchandise: a chocolate-covered marshmallow candy bar, a stencil set, and a pin-backed button.

The Creation of Oswald

The birth of The Lucky Rabbit came about when Disney’s film distributor Charles Mintz (who was now married to Alice distributor Margaret Winkler) suggested a change in direction to keep his animated shorts fresh. Universal Studios was looking for a cartoon series featuring a rabbit, so the couple suggested Walt Disney.

Oswald’s First Cartoon

The first Oswald cartoon Trolley Troubles, was released September 5, 1927. Oswald’s clever gestures and amusing gags made him a favorite with moviegoers over the next 17 months.

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Before the NFL first ever playoff game and prior to Mickey Mouse, there was Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

Empty Socks Discovery

Empty Socks was one of nine Oswald cartoons made by Disney.

Only 25 seconds of Empty Socks, a Walt Disney cartoon featuring Oswald, was thought to exist. But archivists at Norway’s National Library conducting an inventory at the library’s vault in Mo i Rana, in the Arctic Circle, found an almost complete version of the film.

The film, which was authenticated by Disney cartoonist David Gerstein, has between 30 and 60 seconds missing. The original film was 5 minutes, 30 seconds. The film was digitized and a copy sent to The Walt Disney Co.

This is the second Oswald film to be discovered in recent years. Hungry Hobos was found in the U.K. in 2011.

Al Michaels for Oswald

Oswald was reacquired by The Walt Disney Company in 2006 in a trade for NBC Universal for sportscaster Al Michaels.

ESPN trades Al Michaels for “Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Discover the incredible history of Walt Disney’s first cartoon mascot, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit!



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