Phantom Blot

Phantom Blot
Phantom Blot
Offensive Lineman, Nose Tackle, Center
Current Team
Dark Dynasty
2018, 2017, 2016, 2015

Athletic Profile: Phantom Blot, Dark Dynasty, Center, Offensive Lineman, Nose Tackle.

The Phantom Blot is one of Mickey Mouse's arch enemies, mostly seen in comics. He first appeared in the Mickey Mouse comic strip adventure Mickey Mouse Outwits the Phantom Blot by Floyd Gottfredson, which was published in the form of daily strips from May 20 to September 9, 1939. The character has regularly menaced Mickey and his friends in comics, but seldom appeared in animation.

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The Blot is very vain and his desire for money and power is only surpassed by his desire to immortalize his name in "the annals of crime"; although he often desires wealth and power, his greatest lust is for fame. Some of his plans have no monetary gain for him, but their purpose is to spread fear of him to the public, adding to his reputation. He seems to do evil schemes simply to be evil, and to spread his reputation as a villain, much like Ratigan.

He is very cunning, and can come up with hundreds of different plans, from stealing all of the money in the world, to murdering Mickey Mouse. He's even tried stealing all of the colors in the area to decorate his black garb with. In DuckTales, he tried to take over the world.

He can be vengeful, as he sometimes creates plans to destroy or otherwise harm Mickey Mouse because of all the times the mouse foiled his plans.

In European stories he is often presented as a more dangerous figure than the American versions.

Despite his ruthlessness, he has been known to occasionally show a softer side. In his first appearance, he claims that the reason he left Mickey in traps to die instead of just killing him was because he can't stand to actually see someone die due to his soft heart. However, on Topolino's website, he is described as having a black heart, suggesting he may have changed since then, becoming a more hardened criminal.

He also was shown to care deeply for his daughter, receiving permission to explain to his daughter what happened to him his way (in a fairy tale where he's the good guy and Mickey is the bad guy) before being taken to jail, telling her after the story to dream of "happy endings".


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