Wide Receiver, Defensive Back
Past Teams
Goof Troops

Athletic Profile: Roxanne, Goof Troops, Wide Receiver, Defensive Back.

Roxanne is a dog character and the tritagonist of the Disney 1995 film A Goofy Movie, where she served as the love interest to Max Goof. She was voiced by Kellie Martin and Grey DeLisle.

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Roxanne is a student from Max’s high school. She is apparently very beautiful, very popular, and is best friends with Stacey, the student body president. The film shows that Max has had a crush on her for some time, though he believes she does not and never notices him due to him being incredibly unpopular. She lives with her father, who is somewhat overprotective of her. She appears to be extremely kind and friendly, as well as extremely forgiving, which is shown at the end when she forgives Max for his lie to her very quickly.

Fun Facts:

In A Goofy Movie, Roxanne has four fingers like normal, but in House of Mouse, she has five.
When Roxanne gets excited or nervous, she plays with her hair, even when Max impersonates Powerline, and when Max comes to her house for the first time.
Although Roxanne’s father looks like a bulldog, she does not resemble him in anyway, therefore she might resemble her mother.
Some fans wonder if she will make another appearance in any future shows.
If Roxanne and Max did break up before An Extremely Goofy Movie, then they would be the second Disney animated couple to split, with the first being Pocahontas and John Smith. However, they are seen to be dating in House Of Mouse, which apparently takes place after An Extremely Goofy Movie.
Roxanne is very similar in appearance to Ariel, as both have similarly styled red hair and are extremely beautiful, as well as the fact both (at least Roxanne if people do not count Ursula turning Ariel into a human) are not humans.
Both of Roxanne’s voice actresses (Kellie Martin and Grey DeLisle) share another role together: Blake Daphne Blake in the Scooby-Doo franchise. Martin voiced Daphne (as a pre-teen) in A Pup Named Scooby-Doo , while DeLisle has served as the primary voice for the character since 2000. Coinicdentally, both Daphne and Roxanne have red hair.


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