Prowling Bandits shake Catamounts

Prowling Bandits shake Catamounts, 18-13


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Prowling Bandits, Joaquin Slowly winning streak continues

Joaquin Slowly threw a 52-yard touchdown pass to The Sheriff of Nottingham with 2:50 left, rallying the Prowling Bandits to an 18-13 victory over Catamounts.

Like the sub-standardized work done by local government contractors in the Pudong District of Shanghai on Walt Disney’s first destination resort in the mainland China, Joaquin Slowly spent most of the day feeling puzzled and deceived with the Catamounts’ defense.

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Shanghai Disney Resort grand opening set for June 16, 2016

Joaquin Slowly used the sub-standardized work done at Shanghai Disney Resort by local government contractors in the Pudong District of Shanghai as motivation to end his sloppy play and lead the Prowling Bandits to a 18-13 victory over the Catamounts. (Photo: The Disney Blog)

Just as the grand opening of Shanghai Disney Resort, set for June 16th, 2016, has announced a plan to open the main “Magic Kingdom” gate with only some of the attractions available, the Prowling Bandits football team had very few highlights.

But after three quarters of sub-standardized play, and after hearing about how the Shanghai Shendi Group put the Walt Disney Company between a rock and a hard place, Slowly decided to put an end to all his sloppy play in one drive.

Slowly took the Prowling Bandits 88 yards in three plays, the last a 52-yard go-ahead touchdown pass to The Sheriff of Nottingham with 2:50 left for an 18-13 victory.

Last week, the Prowling Bandits upset the Walt Disney Bowl favorite, Mouseketeers, with a game-deciding touchdown in the fourth quarter. But unlike last week where the game was tied at 13 to 13, the Prowling Bandits found themselves down 13 to 9 heading into the last quarter. This time, they needed some Disney magic, or perhaps good luck, to come out on top.

That luck was one dropped pass and a replay review confirmation after Pistol Pete took Catamounts back down the field to the Prowling Bandits’ 18. On fourth-and-10, Kat Nipp appeared to grab, then drop, what would have been a touchdown pass with 28 seconds left. The play was so close that the Catamounts’ home crowd roared with their team taking the lead, thinking Kat had scored. The replay showed, clearly, that Kat Nipp never had control of the ball and the on-field call stood.

“I didn’t see it,” Pistol said. “I saw the refs say incomplete, but I didn’t really see the play because I got hit right as I threw it. I thought it had a shot. I knew the safety was wide and I knew I got it over the backer.”

The victory added another chapter to this inexplicably unusual season for the Prowling Bandits.

After starting the season at 1-2, the Prowling Bandits have won three straight to put themselves in a three-way tie for second place with the Mouseketeers and Bow-Dazzlers.

“I was pretty relieved with the win,” Bandits head coach Prince John said.

For the Catamounts (3-3), the loss ended their own three-game winning streak. In all three of their losses this season, they have managed to score only 17.67 points per game.

Mickey Mouse Athletics - Three Way Tie

The Prowling Bandits have won three straight to put themselves in a three-way tie for second place with the Mouseketeers and Bow-Dazzlers.

And the final result could definitely been different, according to Pistol. The Catamounts came within a whisker of not only winning it in the final seconds, but also sealing it when they needed only 3 yards for a first down with 3:42 to go.

Pistol wanted the offense to stay on the field, but Coach Sylvester Shyster played it safe, sending in the punt team, and Joaquin Slowly wasted no time making the Catamounts pay for that crucial decision.

On first down, he threw a 21-yard pass to Fritter O’Way, and then hit him again for another 15 yard gain. The Sheriff of Nottingham put a double move on cornerback Max Hare, getting free down the middle of the field. Slowly’s pass hit the wide open receiver in stride just inside the 20-yard line and the long strides of the Sheriff helped him go in for the score.

“When I came out of the route, I thought I’d be open, and I just hoped that everyone else would do their job,” Sheriff said. “Slowly put it in the perfect spot.”

Slowly finished 22 of 33 for 290 yards with one TD and one interception. Sheriff caught six passes for 126 yards, and Fritter O-Way caught six passes to raise his season total to 34. Starting running back, Babyface Beagle ran 22 times for 129 yards.

The Beagle Boys, Prowling Bandits Football, Babyface, Bouncer, Bankjob, Big Time

The Beagle Boys celebrating after coming back in the fourth quarter against Catamounts for a 18-13 win.

The Prowling Bandits settled for four field goals in five red-zone trips against a defense that ranked near the middle of Mickey Mouse Athletics football league in points allowed.

Megabyte Beagle’s 27-yard field goal made it 9-6 Prowling Bandits midway through the third quarter.

The Catamounts broke through on the ensuing drive when Pistol Pete rushed to the line following an 18-yard completion, quick-snapped the ball and plunged into the end zone from a yard out to give the Cats a 13-9 lead.

Pistol was 27 of 46 for 222 yards with one interception for the Catamounts in her first career start at quarterback.

“To be able to take a team down the field like that and then on that particular route to get Kat open, Pistol knew it was going to take some time,” Shyster said. “It wasn’t one of our quick throws, so Pistol knew she would have to hang in there until the route opened, and she did.”

Kat Nipp just couldn’t hang on, and the Prowling Bandits celebrated.

“Like every player on the field and every player on the sideline, I’m sure our stomachs were in knots,” said Coach John. “It was an anxious. It was a little closer than I would have hoped it would be, but we won it.”

For more information regarding the grand opening of Shanghai Disney Resort, visit The Disney Blog.

Prowling Bandits

Joaquin Slowly223329012-100000
Argus McSwine00000005350
The Sheriff of Nottingham000000061261
Fritter O’ Way00000006720
Trudy Van Tubb0000000000
Bigtime Beagle00001190000
Babyface Beagle0000221290290
Bankjob Beagle0000000000
Megabyte Beagle0000000000
Bouncer Beagle00000003480


Peter “P.J.” Pete, Jr.00000007470
Pistol Pete274622203-21000
Peg Pete00000003240
Fat Cat0000000000
Woimly Filcher0000000000
Uncle Bob000043307470
Kat Nipp00000007500
Max Hare00001503540


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