Quack Pack blowout Bow-Dazzlers

Quack Pack blowout Bow-Dazzlers, 41-14

Webby Vanderquack ran for three touchdowns and quarterback Donald Duck passed for one and ran for another, leading the Quack Pack to an easy 41-14 victory over the Bow-Tique Bow-Dazzlers.


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Quack Pack puts offensive onslaught on Bow-Dazzlers

Webby Vanderquack ran for three touchdowns and quarterback Donald Duck passed for one and ran for another, leading the Quack Pack to an easy 41-14 victory over the Bow-Tique Bow-Dazzlers.

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 The Quack Pack now put themselves in the middle of Mickey Mouse Athletics football league with four games left, while the Bow-Tique Bow-Dazzlers have now lost two of their last three games. The Bow-Dazzlers’ defense have allowed 39.5 points per game in those two losses, both to the “World Wide Ducks” of the Walt Disney Enterprise.

Quack Pack win big

Webby Vanderquack ran for three touchdowns, leading the Quack Pack to an easy 41-14 victory over the Bow-Tique Bow-Dazzlers.

Vanderquack ran for touchdowns of 1, 4, and 2 yards, and carried the ball 15 times for 53 yards.

Donald, who didn’t play in the fourth quarter, controlled the game. He completed 13 of 18 passes for 178 yards and a touchdown. He also ran 10 times for 41 yards and another score.

Quack Pack led 27-0 by halftime, dominating from the opening kickoff. The Ducks struck quickly, using a 59-yard, play-action pass completion from Donald to Huey Duck on the first play from scrimmage to set up their opening score.

Donald scored on a 5-yard touchdown run just 1:23 into the game. He passed for his second touchdown, a 3-yard strike to Launchpad McQuack on a fourth-and-goal.

Vanderquack scored two touchdowns in the first half, from 1 yard in the first quarter and from 4 yards in the second. Her third rushing touchdown, from 2 yards out, was set up by a fumble when Bow-Dazzlers quarterback Minnie Mouse was sacked by defensive star Dugan Duck.

After trailing 34-0, the Bow-Tique Bow-Dazzlers finally scored midway through the third quarter on a 16-yard pass from Minnie to running back Ortensia, who finished with 100 yards on 17 carries.

The Bow-Dazzlers scored again with 6:33 remaining on a 1-yard run by Amelia Fieldmouse, closing the gap to 41-14.

The Quack Pack showed little regard for the Bow-Dazzlers’ defense, converting on all four of it’s fourth-down attempts, including a 40-yard touchdown pass from backup quarterback Dewey Duck to Louie Duck with 9:07 remaining.

Bow-Tique Bow-Dazzlers

Minnie Mouse101484110-240000
Mandie Mouse00000002440
Millie Mouse00000004310
Melody Mouse00000001270
Madeline Mouse00000001100
Gadget Hackwrench46570140000
Amelia Fieldmouse00006121140
Lady Kluck0000000000
Maid Marian0000000140

Quack Pack

Donald Duck1318178110411000
Webby Vanderquack0000155331180
Launchpad McQuack00003180131
Dewey Duck599112-90000
Huey Duck00000003900
Doofus Drake0000000000
Fethry Duck0000000000
Gus Goose00000002210
Drake Mallard00000003370
Fenton Crackshell00000004160
Ripcord McQuack000054102250
Grand Mogul0000000000
Dugan Duck0000000000

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7 thoughts on “Quack Pack blowout Bow-Dazzlers

  • Tar

    Firstly, I like your website. I feel like I am part of your niche, I have to admit. I never imagined disney characters being athletic,

    You have some creativity I must say. Speaking of which, this just reminds me of Space Jam.

    Is that the reason which prompt you creating this site? Just a suggestion, would it better if Minnie Mouse cheering the team as a cheerleader?

    • George Geef

      Hey thanks for your interest in Mickey Mouse Athletics. Though I have seen Space Jam, I’m not a big fan of it; mostly due to real life humans (Michael Jordan, etc.) co-existing with anthropomorphic animals (Bugs, Daffy). I’ve got a 1-year old niece and 2-year old nephew who love Disney Junior and the old school technicolor Walt Disney cartoons, so they are part of the reason behind this site.
      But we plan on sticking with Disney characters (extending to a few DreamWorks Animation and Pixar in our other sports). Don Rosa and Carl Barks alone have hundreds of Disney-related characters that I had never heard about until researching my niche; majority of them are Ducks. There’s actually several “How-To” sports videos from the 1940s with Goofy (Sport Goofy) as the main character.
      Thanks for your suggestion on Minnie Mouse, and yes we thought about it. But we hope to develop an online environment that both children and adults will integrate into story time or maybe on a road trip. We would love to make awesome content for viewers, but our purpose is to make people by getting families together and engage in positive interactions among one another.
      To not include Minnie Mouse, we’d be missing a vital part of the Walt Disney Enterprise. It would make the league feel as if something was always missing, and it would be borderline against our purpose of bringing families together.

  • Richard U.

    You definitely know your onions in this department and i am sure any one reading this will agree.

    Sorry i have no previous knowledge to contribute but if one could, how could this be of benefit monetarily?

    The statistics and marveling and as a numbers person i must say they are quit a good projections.

    If i may ask again, what are the odds of making to the lowest level and what chances are there for one to score to the best level?

    • Ludwig Von Drake

      Hey Richard, thanks for your comment and positive review!
      In regards to your question about “monetarily” benefits, I am a little confused about your question. Are you asking in regards to the monetary value of Mickey Mouse Athletics, or are you asking where these statistics came from?
      I’ll await your response and reply asap.

  • Andrew

    Hi Scotty, I’ve got to say this is one of the most unique and awesome sites I’ve seen in a long time. Mixing Disney characters and athletics together is a genius concept & I surprised no one’s thought of this idea before, so kudos to you. Also, Mickey Mouse seems is a gunslinger of a quarterback, huh?
    Keep up the great and creativity, Scotty!

    • admin Post author

      Hey Andrew, thanks for the compliments; much appreciated.

      Haha and yes, I couldn’t see Mickey as a pocket passer; so gunslinger felt right. Donald Duck is more of a dual-threat though.

      Are you a Disney fan? Any favorite characters?

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