Quack Pack lose in OT

Quack Pack rallies to force OT, but Black Magic prevails at home

Merlock scored from one yard out in the first overtime and the Black Magic, which blew a 17-point lead, held the Quack Pack out of the end zone for a 39-32 victory.



Black Magic and Quack Pack Individual Player Rivalries

The mutual dislike and intense confrontations between Gladstone Gander and Donald Duck have been well-documented in Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories. From their resentment of one another and equal attraction to Daisy Duck, along with Quack Pack head coach Scrooge McDuck‘s dislike of Gladstone’s genetic luckiness and own rivalry with Black Magic head coach John D. Rockerduck, it was hard for either to focus on the game itself.

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Donald Duck, Quack Pack lose to Gladstone Gander, Black Magic

Gladstone Gander gets lucky again, leading the Black Magic to a 39 to 32 win despite a 17-point comeback by Donald Duck and the Quack Pack to force overtime.

Quack Pack rallies to force OT, but Black Magic prevail with victory

After the Black Magic blew a 17-point lead, Merlock the Magician scored from one yard out in the first overtime and the Black Magic defense held the Quack Pack out of the end zone for a 39-32 victory.

“I couldn’t believe it was happening,” Merlock said. “We scored the second play of the game, so I was thinking we were just continuing on from last week. For them to come back like that, I was shocked. We had to dig down deep.”

The Black Magic, coming off a 20 to 6 loss to the Goof Troops, led 24-10 at halftime and looked as if they might roll over the Quack Pack. But Donald Duck, who threw three interceptions and fumbled in the first half, led the Quack Pack on two long touchdown drives in the final 6:32 to force overtime.

The Black Magic (4-4) got the ball first in OT. Gladstone Gander hit Merlock along the sideline with a 21-yard pass to the Quack Pack 1. Merlock then bulled into the end zone.

The Quack Pack (4-4) moved to the 9 on its possession, but Donald overthrew Dewey Duck in the end zone on fourth down, ending the Ducks chance to get above their .500 winning percentage.

“We won. That’s about all we did. We obviously didn’t play our best ball,” Scar said. “When you play a bad game, it’s nice to get out with a win. It says something about the character of our team to be done, to have the lead, lose it and come back and win in overtime.”

“I think it is a great cause for celebration,” Gander said. “We are 4-4, back in the middle of the playoff race. If we had won by 60, we would still be 4-4. Yeah, it was really disappointing to blow the lead how we did, but they were a good team we were going against, and I am happy to take any win.”

In comparing the two rivals, Gladstone Gander completed 15-of-33 passes for 395 yards, while Donald was 27-for-54 for 405 yards. Notably, Launchpad McQuack led the rushing attack with 31 carries for 145 yards and a touchdown.

The Black Magic offense went flat after it built the 24-7 lead. Head Coach John D. Rockerduck saw his team go nowhere in six straight possessions, with three ending on turnovers. The Quack Pack scored nine points off the turnovers to get back in the game.

“We would have liked to have won,” Ripcord McQuack said. “There are no such things as moral victories. We’re not playing horseshoes. Close doesn’t count. But I can’t tell you how proud I am in my teammates. They hung in there. We just came up a little short.”

Donald said he never thought they were out of the game.

“There was a lot of game left. One bad quarter is all it was,” he said. “We were disappointed with the performance in the first quarter. Once we overcame that, we played relatively well.”

Donald, bringing a two-game winning streak entering the game, threw a 26-yard touchdown pass to Dugan Duck with 46 seconds left to pull the Quack Pack even at 32 and cap an 81-yard drive.

The Black Magic came back to tie it with Gladstone’s fourth touchdown pass, a 75-yard spiral to the Black Magic’s leading wide receiver, Scar, with 4:13 left, and 2-point conversion pass put the Magic up 32-25. Scar, who had a 78-yard touchdown reception in the second quarter, finished with three catches for 159 yards.

Donald had given the Quack Pack a one-point lead with 6:32 left with a 1-yard pass to Dugan Duck.

The Black Magic scored on the game’s second play from scrimmage, with Gladstone connecting with Magica De Spell for a 75-yard touchdown.

With the loss, the Quack Pack end their two-game winning streak, while the Black Magic end their three-game losing streak.

Despite the luck of Gladstone, both the Quack Pack and Black Magic are in the middle of the standings with only a couple more games left in the regular season.


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Webby Vanderquack00005191180
Launchpad McQuack0000311451180
Dewey Duck00000003280
Huey Duck00000001400
Doofus Drake0000000000
Fethry Duck00000001130
Gus Goose0000000000
Drake Mallard00000001190
Fenton Crackshell00000003460
Ripcord McQuack00000005630
Grand Mogul00000004640
Dugan Duck00000005952


Angus Fangus0000000000
Elmo Sputterspark00000004910
Splatter Phoenix0000000000
Gladstone Gander153339548-120000
Magica De Spell000043303981
El Capitan0000000000
Goat Man0000000000

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Donald Duck might be quick-tempered when things don’t go his way, but he has a heart of gold and is very devoted to his friends.
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