Rescue Rangers squeak by Quack Pack

Chip’s late TD helps Rangers squeak by Quack Pack

With no rushing offense, athletes from Walt Disney’s Animation Collection and a few players from the Sherwood Forrest, Plato adjust his play calling to lead Rescue Rangers in a win over Scrooge McDuck’s Quack Pack 23 to 16.



Rescue Rangers beat Scrooge McDuck’s Quack Pack 23-16

Coach Plato showed again how resourceful he can be. Not that Scrooge McDuck expected anything less from the first place team in Mickey Mouse Athletics Football League.

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With no rushing offense, athletes from Walt Disney’s Animation Collection and a few players from the Sherwood Forrest, Plato adjusted his play calling to lead Rescue Rangers in win over Scrooge McDuck’s Quack Pack 23 to 16.

Chip Chipmunk brought the Rescue Rangers from behind twice in the second half, throwing for the game-winning score with 2:16 left. Donald Duck then drove the Quack Pack 70 yards to the 5 with one minute remaining, but his fourth-down pass went off Dugan Duck’s fingertips in the end zone with 36 seconds to go.

“This is one of those great games that went back and forth,” Plato said. “It turned into a track meet at the end. I’m proud of the guys for hanging in there.”

The game was the second between two of the wealthiest sponsors in the league, Scrooge McDuck and King Richard with the Rangers winning both. A police dog owned by Detective Drake in “To the Rescue”, Plato played hero to Chip and Dale in the Disney’s Animated TV Series, Chip ‘N’ Dale Rescue Rangers. And once again, Plato helped give the Rangers their start.

The Rescue Rangers (10-2) remain alone atop the Mickey Mouse Athletics Football League. The Quack Pack (7-5) remain in the playoff race, losing their first game in four weeks.

“I can’t sit here and say that our players aren’t as good as their players,” Scrooge said. “I feel terribly that we didn’t get the result that we wanted. They were great at making adjustments, and great at getting things fixed.”

Prior to the 2015-2016 season, Plato was undecided on who to turn the ball-carrying duties over to. Pumbaa carried 17 times for 84 yards, finishing with 1,058 yards and 14 rushing touchdowns for the season.

“I remember the first day at practice when we thought, “This guy fits the NFL’s idea of the perfect fullback with his large broad and well-built frame,” Chip said.

But it was Chip who bailed out the Rescue Rangers. He went 21-for-36 for 275 yards and a pair of touchdown passes to tight end Humphrey the Bear.

“As usual, Chip played his best football when it counted,” Plato said.

Chip’s first scoring pass covered 16 yards and put the Rescue Rangers ahead 12-7 on the final play of the third quarter. But Donald, who went 25-for-47 for a season-high 360 yards, regained the lead for the Quack Pack on a bizarre 15-yard touchdown pass.

With the Quack Pack in the shotgun on third-and-3, Doofus Drake snapped the ball prematurely and it deflected off Donald’s right wing. He quickly picked it up and threw down the middle to Dugan Duck, wide open in the end zone after slipping behind Ace London.

The Quack Pack’s 2-point conversion failed, leaving them ahead 16-15 with 2:59 to go.

The Rescue Rangers needed only two plays to come back. First, Chip threw to Dale, who out wrestled Launchpad McQuack for the ball. Then, Chip hit Humphrey with a 17-yard touchdown pass.

Donald and the Ducks weren’t finished, reaching the 5 with 58 seconds left. Scrooge, the target of much league scrutiny when he appointed himself, both the only sponsor and head coach for the Quack Pack, called four straight passing plays that all resembled one another.

And all four times, they got nowhere. Donald threw incompletions into the end zone on first and second downs, and then hit Webby Vanderquack in the flat for a 5-yard loss. Dugan had a chance to catch Donald’s final throw, but the ball fell incomplete.

“I got my hands on it,” said Dugan, who dropped three other passes. “I had a tough time picking up those low balls today, but what do you expect from a duck raised by porcupines?”

Toby Tortoise kicked three field goals for the Rangers. Fethry Duck kicked one for the Quack Pack, but missed a 31-yarder in the second quarter.

The Quack Pack squandered another scoring chance when Grand Mogul lost a fumble at the Rangers 9 and Monterey Jack recovered.


Monterey Jack00000001110
Humphrey the Bear00000003372
Little John00000005820
Robin Hood0000400290
Ace London00000001120
Toby Tortoise0000000000


Donald Duck25473602000000
Webby Vanderquack0000146404280
Launchpad McQuack0000111301190
Dewey Duck00000003610
Huey Duck00000002410
Doofus Drake0000000000
Fethry Duck00000002610
Gus Goose0000000000
Drake Mallard00000003150
Fenton Crackshell00000001200
Ripcord McQuack0000000000
Grand Mogul00000001100
Dugan Duck00000006692

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