Rescue Rangers Theme Continues into Postseason

Rescue Rangers Continue League Dominance

With the best regular season record in the inaugural season of Mickey Mouse Athletics Football League, the Rescue Rangers theme of playing smart defense and scoring off turnovers continues into the postseason.



Chip breaks quarterback rushing record as Rescue Rangers run past Black Magic in the opening round of Mickey Mouse Athletics Football Playoffs.

Chip Chipmunk remembered how it felt to get owned by somebody and wanted no part of being forced to be another pet.

He ran for 220 yards on 23 carries to break the Mickey Mouse Athletics Football rushing record for a quarterback, leading the Rescue Rangers to a 45-13 victory over Gladstone Gander and the Black Disney Magic football team.

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With the victory in the first postseason competition in the records of Mickey Mouse Athletics Football League, the Rangers (11-2) will advance to the Mickey Mouse Athletics Playoff Semifinals, while the Black Magic were unable to avenge a Week 6 blowout loss.

When asked about what the future holds for the Rescue Rangers, Chip laughed it off, “The Future? Ha! I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Chip, arguably the best quarterback in the league, broke the record for most passing yards in a game with 410 yards against the Aviators earlier this year. Despite breaking the record for most rushing yards by a quarterback in a single game, Chip missed out on breaking the single-game rushing record of 238 yards, set by Arizona Goof against the Aviators in Week 9.

Pumbaa, star of Disney’s The Lion King and TV Series Timon and Pumbaa, rushed for 179 yards on 34 carries to help the Rangers finish with 453 total yards on the ground. Pumbaa also ran for two touchdowns.

“It’s times like this my buddy Timon says, you got to put your behind in your past,” Pumbaa sang after the victory.

Rescue Rangers head coach Plato said he was dazzled by the rushing yards that the tandem compiled throughout the game, but not shocked by their overall execution.

“When you have two Disney gifted athletes, and they get a little magic thrown their way, they make things happen,” said Plato.

Gladstone Gander threw two early touchdown passes to Scar for the Black Magic (6-7), which struggled to get into scoring position and ended up being outscored 86 to 33 in two games by the Rangers this year. In the fourth quarter alone, they were outscored 38 to 3.

“This is not the kind of finish that anybody wanted, in particular, our sponsors,” said coach John D. Rockerduck. “We feel bad about a lot of things right now.”

Rescue Rangers Theme Continues into First Round of Disney Postseason

Chip led the Rescue Rangers to a 21-13 halftime lead, despite passing only six times. He gained 151 yards on 15 carries in the half, including 80 total rushing yards on the Rangers’ second drive of the game. Eventually, Chip would hit Timon for a 16-yard touchdown pass.

Gladstone responded to the Rangers’ opening score with a three-pass drive, capped by a 64-yard touchdown pass to Scar. He hit his go-to receiver with 31-yard pass to the back of the end zone early in the second quarter, but the extra point failed on a fumbled snap.

Gladstone Gander finished with 308 yards on 24-of-43 passing with two interceptions.

“They beat us up,” Gander said. “As much as it hurts me to say it, they beat us up and down the field.”

Magica De Spell intercepted Chip‘s pass early in the second quarter on the Rangers 41, but the Black Magic went three-and-out.

On the first drive of the second half, the Rescue Rangers recovered the ball on the Magic 40 after Little John knocked the ball out of Spectrus’ hands. Subsequently, Toby Tortoise would hit a 29-yard field goal to end the drive.

Timon got in on the Rangers’ running attack early in the fourth quarter with a 44-yard run to the Magic 21. Pumbaa scored on a 6-yard run to complete the drive.

The Black Magic couldn’t close the gap late in the third quarter when kicker Goat Man had his hoof get stuck in the turf on a 44-yard field goal attempt that fell well short. Gladstone’s fourth-down pass in the fourth quarter was broken up in the end zone by Ace London.

Humphrey the Bear wrapped up the scoring for the Rangers with a 41-yard interception return with 2:03 remaining.


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