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Rockerduck , whose full name is John Davison Rockerduck , is one of the richest in the world ducks, eternal enemy (from a financial point of view, of course) of Scrooge , along with Flintheart Glomgold . The first appearance of this character took place in 1961, in the history of Uncle Scrooge and superbenzina, made by man of the ducks, Carl Barks . From the latter Rockerduck it is used only once, and little success obtained in general in the American Disney comics industry. This did not happen, however, in Italy, where Rockerduck became the main business rival of Scrooge, supplanting their own ruthless Flintheart.

The character of Rockerduck

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If Scrooge is depicted with his traditional cloak, Rockerduck usually has a much more elegant appearance, a true businessman. Bowler hat, suit and tie characterize the physical aspect of economic rival Scrooge. Unlike this, Rockerduck has a more open-minded and more facing the opportunities of the modern world, but that does not mean it is always precisely the sure road to success ...

Initially Rockerduck was presented with a stronger character, in its rivalry with the richest duck in Duckburg. Guido Martina made him even arrange kidnappings. Then the character of Rockerduck has always softened more, until you get to that a rich duck, but almost inexperienced in some areas, but not too bad, certainly not intrude illegally.

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And 'the famous Rockerduck attitude when turns out not to be able to beat the rival Scrooge: devours the bowler bites. The name comes from Rockerduck parody of the famous American magnate John Davison Rockefeller . Lusky is his faithful companion in adventure, a secretary who actually is a real all-rounder and that even follows in the realization of its projects against Scrooge.

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Donald Duck might be quick-tempered when things don’t go his way, but he has a heart of gold and is very devoted to his friends.
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