Touchdown Mickey and Lucky Rabbit

Touchdown Mickey, Oswald The Lucky Rabbit lead Mouseketeers past Goof Troops and Arizona Goof in the road to the Walt Disney Bowl

Disney reclaimed star, Oswald The Lucky Rabbit gained 329 yards from scrimmage and Mouseketeers earned a trip to the Disney Semifinals by beating Goof Troops 52-31 in the Mickey Mouse Athletics Playoffs.


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The Mouseketeers threw to their Disney tackle, ran a magical play from their victory formation and kept scoring touchdowns for Coach Nathaniel Churchmouse, whom at times this season felt abandoned on an island.

Disney reclaimed star, Oswald The Lucky Rabbit gained 329 yards from scrimmage and Mouseketeers earned a trip to the Disney Semifinals by beating Goof Troops 52-31 in the Mickey Mouse Athletics Playoffs.

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"Coach Nathaniel gave us great energy", Oswald said. "We all love him, and we were able to put on a Mouseketeers show because of it."

Disney Experts had projected the game to be the highest-scoring of the first round, and Cinderella Mouse Gus Gus got into the act, scoring on a 9-yard razzle-dazzle catch-and-run. The Mouseketeers (10-3) totaled 599 yards for Coach Churchmouse, whose fame began in Mickey Mouse Sails For Treasure Island (1932).

Who is Captain Nathaniel Churchmouse?

Formerly known as Captain Churchmouse, Nathaniel was part of the Mickey Mouse comic strips published by Floyd Gottfredson for Disney Studios.

His most well-known story entailed the mutiny he went through and how he was thought dead for decades until quarterback Mickey found him deranged while stuck on a desert island. Interesting enough, as a rock to Donald Duck's head helped him regained his memory and distinct voice back during the regular season, Captain Churchmouse became sane again thanks to a coconut.

In that story, Mickey helped Coach Churchmouse save his treasure from the likes of Catamounts head coach Sylvester Shyster and team-captain Pete.

Ever since, he has always asked for Mickey's help when a voyage or offensive game plan seemed questionable from the start.

"I told these guys that this football season and coaching them has been one of the happiest times of my life," Nathaniel Churchmouse said.

"They don't care really right now who's the head coach. They believe in each other."

Oswald ran for a career-high 245 yards on 35 carries, added 84 yards on four catches and scored three times. Teammate Mickey Mouse threw for 336 yards and three touchdowns. Both of Mickey's nephews, Ferdie and Morty, had a touchdown and combined for 185 receiving yards.

It was another successful offensive onslaught for the Mouseketeers, who had already beat the Goof Troops once this year.

The Goof Troops (6-7) lost for the first time in four weeks. Max Goof threw for 372 yards and four scores, but they couldn't keep up with the Mouseketeers.

Arizona Goof Reflects on Season

Better known as "Indiana Pipps", Arizona finished the year with 1,336 rushing yards.

"They're good," running back Arizona Goof said. "A missed assignment, a bust in communication, and they can expose you."

The Mouseketeers scored their second touchdown when Gus, the chubby mouse friend of Cinderella, retreated from an unbalanced line, caught a lateral and scored for the first offensive touchdown of his career.

"Duh... duh...duh...Happy Birthday," Gus yelled as he walked into the end zone.

With 45 seconds left in the first half, the Mouseketeers lined up in the victory formation as if running out the clock. Instead Oswald swept around left end for a 53-yard gain, but Mickey's offense failed to capitalize, throwing an interception on the next play.

The Mouseketeers will play the Bow-Tique Bow-Dazzlers, in what will be a Plane Crazy Reunion for Mickey and Minnie.


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Mickey Mouse2444417561000
Mortimer "Morty" Fieldmouse000000940
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Goof Troops

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Arizona Goof0000185200
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Goofy Goof000000600
Max Goof1221159234000

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